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Cats playing agressively - should I worry?

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So the first week I brought Bailey home, I kept them apart, or just together for short supervised sessions.

The second week, Sam tried to get her to play, by running around like a mad cat and meowing at her.

Third week, she was in heat, and followed him around. That's when he started being all lovey with her, licking, lying beside her, but also running away and hiding when he had enough.

Fourth week, she had her surgery, so I kept her in separate quarters for a few days, then gradually let them play together.

Now they are back together all day, and they seem to be playing really agressively. Sam plays a game that I call "Kick Bailey in the Head", he grabs her in a wrestling hold, and rabbit kicks her head. She is still very protective of her stomach, so she keeps far away from his feet, but how she's playing "Oh Yeah, Well Two Can Play That Game". Sam doesn't like it at all. And now she seems to have the upper hand - she starts the game, and he gets all upset and yowls. There is still not any hissing, but I think that there might be soon. I have them separated now just to be sure.

Sam is very wary of Bailey - earlier they were lying in their beds (side by side) and I am sure that he was just lying there glaring at her. I tried to tell him he started it, he has to take the consequences.

So do I still let them work it out, or should I separate them and try to slowly re-introduce again?

They both have safe sanctuaries they have marked out, so I know they can escape each other when things get heated. But I can't imagine that being kicked in the head can be fun. For either of them.
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I would put a little bit of your perfume on both the cats, not a lot, just a touch, so they can smell sort of like you- and then let them find their way with each other. It doesn't sound to serious- and the rabbit kicks are something a kitten learns early on, one of their best forms of defense, even better than their claws.
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Ahh, I forgot that one - like the vanilla trick. I'll try that. Even though I love the way they smell like themselves.
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