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Could it be?

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For 17 years, the Jellicle household has been a matriarchal society, ruled by a Queen. First the late Queen Turvy Demeter, then the throne was passed to Queen Etcetera D'Calico.

But just a moment ago, I walked into the bedroom and lo and behold; Freeway Carbuckety was lounging quite comfortably on the Queen's pillow, while she relaxed nearby

Could it be that a new era is dawning; could it be that a Jellicle Prince cometh?? What trick of fate brought this lad to us?? Only time will tell
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aww they are soo cute
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There could be a shift, or it could be the effects of the lunar eclipse

They look sweet and comfy whatever the reason for it.
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Just when you think you understand the dynamic, they go and do something that makes you do the big head scratch.

That's a big hmmmmmmm..........

(they are both adorable btw)
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THAT'S Freeway?!?! Our sweet, little, baby munchkin Freeway?!??!?! When did he grow up to be such a handsome Prince??

Mike, you obviously haven't been providing enough photos of late - he's a fully grown cat now!
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aww cute!

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Holy Cow!!! When did Freeway get so big???

The Queen doesn't look upset at all with Freeway being on her pillow - Your house could be in for a upheaval
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Aww how cute! Maybe it was just the Queen's day off
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They certainly both look very contented! They are such pretty cats and look so healthy!
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