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My Shoulder Feels Like It's Dislocated

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I went to bed about 1am and my shoulder felt fine. I was awakened by the phone at 7:10am. It was Handi Transit telling me that they were downstairs waiting for me. I had cancelled the trip yesterday evening Anyway I couldn't fall asleep again so I got up for about 1/2 hour then went back to bed to read for awhile and must have fallen asleep.

I woke up shorty after 1pm and my right shoulder was so sore and stiff that I could hardly turn over to get out of bed.

I know it's not dislocated, but it sure feels like it is. If I prop my arm on my desk and move my body I can get the shoulder to go through the entire range of motion, but trying to do it on it's own is excruciating because I can't lift my arm away from the side of my body.

Definitely a seriously pinched nerve!!
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Oh no! I hope you can do something for the pain!

I injured my shoulder but the pain wouldn't go away. Turns out it was my back; my spine had moved and wouldn't let my shoulder muscle relax. Physio helped me tremendously. Sending healing vibes!
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Oh Ouch!!! I pray you feel better. Could you get someone to come over and give you a shoulder massage?
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I put some ice packs on it and have my "Dr Ho's Muscle Therapy" machine on it. It's like a TENS machine, only better because it doesn't just work with the nerves but also the muscles. By the feel of it I think it will be sore for a day or two And of course I'm right handed. I can use my arm pain free from the elbow down, but as soon as I try to move the whole arm I have a major youch factor!

I've slept "funny" before but never to the point where I have a sore shoulder. It's usually my neck that is stiff.
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Mine do that all the time, especially the right. Also happens in my hips and ankles. It's not a full dislocation - it just pops partially out. I believe this is referred to as sublaxing. It probably happens while sleeping because your muscles are more relaxed.

It's accumulated over the last couple of years so that I've lost some of the range of motion I had, I used to be able to put my arm behind my back and touch the back of my neck with my palm. In my case it's from some hypermoblity. Weak ligaments could cause it, too.
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Ok. I've come to the conclusion that it is dislocated after all It feels dislocated and impinged.

Tomorrow I have transportation booked to go to the gym but I think I'll walk over to the ER when I get there and see if I can have an Xray done and my shoulder popped back into place. I've been trying to do it myself but not having much success and I'm not getting much sleep because of the pain.

If I get done at the ER in time I will go back to the gym and at least do some work on the treadmill but no resistance training or aquafit for a few days.

The last time I went to the ER with an injury that I sustained in my sleep they sent the police and a psychologist and social worker to talk to me because they thought I was an abused woman and was protecting my abuser. The irony of it is that I wasn't even in a relationship with anyone at that time. They never did believe me. I can just imagine the questions tomorrow. After all it's not very common that you go to bed fine and wake up with a dislocated shoulder!!!
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It's quite normal if the ligaments holding joints together are loose for any reason.

I hope you can get it fixed and it starts healing up for you.

There are some exercises you can do to strengthen that area - one you hold a soup can (or something of similar size and weight) in you hand and slowly do widening circles. A little each day.
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you cant go get it checked tonight?
i dont know, i woke once, with my neck hurting so bad, i could not life my head for 3 days.

hope your feeling better soon
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Unfortunately I can't go before tomorrow because of transportion restrictions. I don't have anyone to take me, and I don't get my disability until Friday so I can't afford a cab, and Handi Transit needs 2 days notice to book rides.

I was supposed to go to the gym today but cancelled my rides last night. It didn't dawn on me at that time that I could just go to the gym and walk through the tunnel to the ER. So that's what I'm going to do tomorrow morning.
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I hope it get resolved quickly for you and you can feel better soon,
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I was so tired from lack of sleep due to my dislocated shoulder, that after dinner yesterday I decided to take a sleeping pill at 7pm and go to bed. I was tired enough to sleep without the pill, but if I had gone to bed and just slept, I would have woken up at about 10 or 11pm and have been up for the night. The pill was to help make sure that I not only slept, but slept through the night, even with the painful shoulder.

I woke up this morning and my shoulder is still sore, but it must have popped back into place because now it just feels like a soft tissue injury and residual nerve type pain (burning sensation) from the inflammation. I can lift my arm and move it through all of it's range of motion without feeling the impingement. Seems that I'm so relaxed and sleep so deep when I take a sleeping pill, that the shoulder popped back into place all by itself!!

I'm going to continue to the gym today and just do some cardio and sit in the jacuzzi. I might do some aquafit without the weights, but I'll check with the physiotherapist at the gym before I do that. Today is also the day I do resistance training. I'll do leg stuff and what I can with my left arm using the dumb-bells, but I'll give my right one a rest until Wednesday.
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