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Best dry food?

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One of my cats has had a hard time in my attempt to switch him to wet food. He seems to not know how to eat wet food. He would only lick at the wet food, and doen't know how to pick up the morsels. He would eat only when I hand feed him. Any helpful hints?

If I have to use dry food, which brands would be best? I have been using Evo and orijen, but still on the look out for better quality/lower carb type of food.

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As for the wet food, I sort of have to deal with that with Chloe. She won't eat it. What I've been doing lately is sprinkling the dust from freeze-dried chicken treats (like Halo's Live-a-Littles) on to the wet food. It's working pretty well so far to get her to eat more wet food. Chloe has a hard time with chunky wet foods, she'll eat the gravy but she can't really pick out the chunks. (I don't understand this because she has no problem with treats! ). Maybe a pate would be better for your kitty?

Wellness cans are pate/loaf style.

Maybe even try a junkier type of cat food (Meow Mix, Fancy Feast, etc.), some wet is better than no wet at all (especially since you feed such a high quality dry food).

Evo is very good, as far as I know from reading here on the forum.
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EVO is extremely low carb (It's what I've been feeding). Cal Natural is good too, but about same carb content as any other quality brand. "Taste of the wild" is a grain free that, I believe, has a little fewer calories than EVO and is a good bit cheaper.
Natural balance is also a pretty good dry, but has a standard carb content. Wellness makes great dry foods (again, standard grain content) but they are VERY expensive IMO, so, if you have deep pockets you could try those (if you contact the company they will send you samples of the dry, at least they did for me).

With the wet, have you only tried the "chunks/cuts in gravey" types? You might want to try a pate' style can...authority (petsmart) and nutro natural choice (and most nutro max) cans are pate' style. Maybe try different flavors to see which he prefers. The authority is quite cheap, yet good quality (about 65 cents per 6oz can here) so not a huge loss if he doesn't like it and they have many flavors..my cats liked the lamb/rice, turkey, beef/liver flavors the best. My cats all seemed to like the natural balance cans, but they are pricier than either of the other brands I mentioned.

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What do you want in a food?? ie less shedding , no litter odur , less eaten??
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Marrs would kill to switch places with your kitty! If he could exclusively eat wet food, he'd be there in a flash!

I'm trying my dogs on 'Wellness' and so far, so good. I purchased mine at Pet Supermarket and joined their VIP email club which sends you coupons for $5 off of $20 purchase. That takes a little of the "bite" out of it's cost. (If you shop at PetSmart, I would also reccommend signing up for the VIP emails through Pet Supermarket as PetSmart will honor competitor coupons as well!)

A woman I worked with a while back on a foster program reccommened Nutro. Marrs had a lot of issues with vomitting on that, but his stomach is always the fussy one. We tried Iams for a while, and that was 'okay'. We're on to the BLUE Spa Select right now and all seems well.
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Thanks for the replies. I have tried pate type cat food. The problem is that he only licks at it, which pushes the food around but not too much gets into his mouth. That's pretty much his problem with wet food - he basically doesn't know how to get the food into his mouth unless I hand feed it to him.

I want to switch him from dry to wet because it is widely held that wet food is healthier. Lower carb, more moisture, lower calorie, less likely to get diabetes. Actually, it was my vet who got me to feed him dry food in the first place, under the old myth that dry food is better for the teeth.
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what about shredded??
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My cat liked the Fromm shredded chicken, but they don't make it anymore. He doesn't like the new Fromm shredded duck and salmon at all, nor will he eat their pate. He will eat the Sheba shredded chicken, but it's not well balanced and not recommended for regular feeding. I don't know what other options to try.
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