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Cat puking

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My cat was spayed last Tuesday and since then she has been puking some about three times i think. I have had her since the end of Nov. and she has never done this. She also had her shots at the time of spay could this be a problem. Could she have had something and the shots brung it out in her. Also she has been hacking alittle bit and sneezing like she has hairballs which i gave her some medicine this morning for that could that be why she is puking that the hairballs are blocking the food from going down and its coming back up. Are should i take her to the vet again. Thanks for any advice i may get. She does shed alot so maybe its hairballs.
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I'd say take her back to the vet to be checked out. Especially with just having her shots, she could be having a reaction to them. Hope your little girl feels better very soon!
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I think for sure your best bet is the vet. At least call and tell them what is going on with Candi, they will give the best and safest advice for kitty. Good luck with her, and keep us updated!
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I just don't understand why they give animals shots at the same time they're going to have surgery. Their little bodies have enough to fight with just the surgery and meds. When I had Enya spayed I signed a paper that had the option of not getting the shots and our vet had no problem with it. That way she only had to deal with the anesthetic and surgery.
I hope your kitty will be snap out of it soon.
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