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please say a prayer for penka

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i just received an email from her new mum and it seems that she has disappeared for the last 2 days. i really hope she will make it back home, especially with her deafness.
im so sad thinking about it.
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Oh no. I'll keep little Penka in my thoughts. Hurry home, Penka!!!
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Sending Penka come home thoughts!!!
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How horrible Kellye!! Was she allowed outdoors or is she hiding at the new home?

Sending many positive vibes to get Penka back safe!

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If I was there, I would help look for her. From here, I'll send lots of good wishes for her safe return home.
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i hope she comes home soon.
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im going over there later today.
i feel as if its partly my fault.
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It isn't your fault - don't feel bad! Maybe she just snuck out! Come home Penka!
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oh poor penka! come home, penka! come home!
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Kellye why in the world would you think this was your fault? Chances are Penka is close and gone to ground- the only way they are going to get her back will be to scent her home- throw on an old sweatshirt, and go do a full workout in it, get it really sweaty and then seal it in a big baggie and take it over to them. They can hang it outside to bring Penka home...
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Positive energy is on the way. That's terrible, poor Penka! Hopefully, Hissy's suggestions will work. Also, I wonder if it's possible that Penka is trying to get back to either your house or the shelter she was in when you decided to foster her. I hope Penka's new owner finds her soon, please let us know.
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Thinking of Penka....
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OMG Kellye, I am just reading this now. You poor thing. This is in no way possible your fault! How can you think that? (((HUGS)))

Penka.....come home! You have 2 worried mommies waiting there.......
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Oh Kellye, I know just how you feel!!!! But is NOT your fault. Poor you, poor Penka - my heart aches for all of you.

My prayers for Penka.

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Penkas home!!!!

She was in the garage - (its attached to the house) I am sooo relieved to see her, and i made sure she got lots of kisses and scritches!

Thanks for your wonderful positive thoughts!

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I'm so happy she came home! Now stay there, Penka!
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Oh, how wonderful!!! I hope she scared herself enough to know better than to scare you like that!
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i dont think she was scared at all LOL - she likes to sit in high and small places so she probably found something and settled herself down in there. but shes been enjoying the attention she got when she re-emerged - her 'dad' heard her meowing and said that penka has a distinctive meow, and he knew it was her. thank goodness for that.
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I'm so relieved!!!!! What great news! Do you live close to her new home - or she turned up in your garage?

Boy - the little trouble makers. What they won't do for attention. And making so many people so worried. Geez.

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we went over to her new mums house - she lives about 45 mins away, we were going there anyway to do some scrapbooking so, we killed 2 birds with one stone. she acted as if nothing had happened, except she teases their dog! (they have a doberman thats really sappy, a sweetheart)
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I just saw this post, not sure how I missed it.

Glad to hear the happy news, glad that Penka is found. Woohoo!
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YAY! so glad penka is safe and well!
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Thanks for clearing that up for me Kellye.

Next time you head over there, wag your finger at Penka for me with a real stern look for making everyone so worried! (Then give her some scritches from me, OK?)

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Kellye I am so sorry I didn't see this thread till now!!!!! I am so happy it has a happy ending and that Penka is home and safe again!!!
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