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Saturday! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Cloudy but warmer here it's a balmy -8 degrees..

Heading off to work as usual but only have a short day
Should be finished by two. Heading off to Walmart afterwards to pick up a few things I need.

Not sure if I am doing anything interesting this evening. My aunt had mention something about taking me out for dinner but haven't heard back from her yet.

Kitties are good this morning, bird watching right now. I have several Blue Jays, Canada Jays and Grosbeaks at the feeder this morning plus on very agitated Black Squirrel who is not happy with the company. The smaller birds are scared of him but the Blue Jays and Canada Jays don't back down at all...Breakfast theater

Everyone have a great day
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I am going to do a little shopping and a little packing.
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Helping Mason shovel snow, while the kids play in it.
We have about a foot and it's still coming down, it's supposed to stop sometime later this morning...but another storm is on it's way for Tuesday.
Good thing I like snow and cold weather.
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Morning Morning!

I still can't beleive I am up right now

I am going for breakfast with my sister..and then going to visit her and my neices for a few hours today.

Tonight I have nothing going on..I think I will hit the gym though and I'll have to do some laundry.
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hello all! am going out with some friend's tonight, so that'll be nice. hope everyone has a great day
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Morning. Well, I have planned to clean the house. Then tonight I get to go out with DH!
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I'm getting my haircut today I have really bad dead ends...

Yesterday was crazy with all the snow we got. Then it rained and most of the snow went away A few people stayed home and were IMing me at work...I told them I saw it as a mere 3 inches that morning and came in wearing high heels. They responded...Oh yea, you're from Michigan

Anyhoo, maybe a little shopping today...but not much. It's end of month for me so my budget is really tight in the reigns for the next week or so.

Mainly laundry though..the pile just keeps growing...
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cleaning house this morning, and going to see Jerry Seinfield in concert this evening!!! We have been excited for this since I got the tickets in October.
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Well I did a quick clean of the house and am working on some laundry.
Neil cleaned up the area around the wood stove and we estimate we have about 2-3 weeks of firewood left in the house-eek!! Then he worked a bit on the pressure tank for our well-it was running to much.

I know he wants me to finish working on my books to close 2007 (YUCK!!!)
Its sunny now and currently 12F (-11C) with a high of 26F!!! I actually chipped away some snow and ice off the driveway.

Will either take a walk or do some snoeshowing this afternoon once it reaches about 20F. Not much wind so it should be good outside.

Renting some movies tonite I think-they day isn't planned yet!!
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I have to work 2-8:30 today. I'm not sure if I am going to do anything after work or not.
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Hmm, as of right this second, I have no big plans until tonite!! A good friend of mine is celebrating her bday tonite So a bunch of us are going to dinner and then after that to a awesome club!!
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We're going to drive to Indianapolis to get our cell phone stuff taken care of (we have to go to a corporate store and that's the closest one). We'll spend an hour driving there, probably 1.5 hours IN the store getting things all taken care of (we're upgrading phones too). *sigh* Then another hour to drive home.

I hope the store isn't packed. I don't want to spend all day there. I guess I'll have to remember to bring my Sudoku book.
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I woke up this morning with a really sore throat and just generally feeling awful. So my plan for today is to lie on the couch watching movies, reading a book and resting. Sounds fun, but it isn't really.

I also need to plan my revenge against my boss for making me sick. He's had the flu for weeks but still came to work every day, and often didn't even bother to cover his mouth when coughing.

My head hurts. I'm feeling miserable and there's no one here to listen to me whine. (except for all of you )
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I have work all day today (i am on my lunch break at the moment) i've also been trying to get in contact with a chapter of the english springer spaniel rescue today to try and move out one of our newest shelter dogs.
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My husband was in this cleaning mood since this morning and it rubbed off on me too!
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Originally Posted by marie-p View Post
I woke up this morning with a really sore throat and just generally feeling awful.
My head hurts. I'm feeling miserable...
Get well soon
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I got my haircut today. Not much else.
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hopefully something for din din that won't come back up
have had a tummy bug for two days....ugh!!!
Want to kill whoever gave it to me, but hey, is a good way to lose weight!!
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I've been digging in the garden; I'll also do some housework and some reading.
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Lets see - we got off our cruise ship around 9am, got shuttled to the Radisson we stayed at on the 15th to pick up our car and drove from Port Canaveral, FL to Summerville, SC. Got back just before 4 or so. Not happy to be back! I liked being on the ship, and not living with the MIL!

Tonight we're going to stop at Wal-Mart, get some stuff we realized we need, like socks Also get some scrapbooking stuff for the trip, get our pictures printed and put on a disc, and maybe I can talk the husband into going on date night tonigh even though we spent a good $750 on the ship this last week (and $850 on a .80ct diamond eternity band for our 1 year anniversary - I already know about it but hey, its exactly what I wanted so he'll hold onto it til then!)
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It's wet today and apparently just going to get worse. So just doing laundry, taxes, and get some groceries for a "bring a plate" curry party tomorrow. We're thinking about going to see the movie Vantage Point tonight if the weather doesn't get too crazy. Apparently the storm is supposed to rival the one we had on January 4. I don't remember it since I was in Intensive Care at the time, but everyone SAID it was really bad
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