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Warm weather again!!

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Those rotten storms have moved out and the sun is shining again! My backyard looks like a beach for dogs. Since they ate their doggie bed and their quilt, we've kept a couple of carpet scraps, on the patio. Ike and Pearl have dragged those out into the yard and are stretched out, full length, basking in the sun. Every time that I bring the scraps back to the patio, they drag them back out. Guess that I might as well leave them.

The cats are lolling on windowsills, soaking up the rays. I've even scooted my patio chair out a bit. Its nice to have some of the ache baked out of my joints.
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sent those storms this way, didn't ya? it's snowing pertty heavily at the moment and we're supposed to get some accumulation. we'll see... good night to huddle in.
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Cindy, now that it's warm again send some of that heat up toward Minnesota! I would love to see this snow disappear completely, winter always lasts FAR too long here! Yuck!!!!

Jan, we got some snow here today too. Are you in the area that is expecting 5 to 10 inches?
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right now the forecast is 4 - 8 inches. not too bad. i wish it would snow so much i couldn't get to work tomorrow, but i know THAT'S not going to happen.
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It was 68 degrees here today. I wish I could send some of it to our friends to the North!
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yeesh. go ahead and send some warm weather north! it was worse than i thought on the way home. at the rate it is snowing they can't do too much to get the roads cleared. they are saying 7 -10 inches now.

cindy, sorry. i turned your warm weather thread into a snow report. hope you and your crew are still enjoying a little sun/warm.
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We have snow, too. Its 30 miles away, on top of Mt. Lemmon. Looks real purty, up there.
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Expecting 10-15cm of snow...apparently. They keep changing their minds! It's time for winter to head someone else's way for a while....
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On Friday it's suppose to be 0 here for a high.... Brrrrrrrrr!! Big change from the 45+F we've been having!!
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I heard it might get up past 40 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow... there's going to be a heatwave here!
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