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Newbie shares kitty pics

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Hiya, since my babies and I are new here I thought I would share some pics of my clan.

This is MiMi. This is an old photo of her so she's a little bigger now. She's pretty much the boss of everybody.

This is Ramses. He quite the ham and dosen't mind posing for the camera.

Here's BearBear. The "baby" at the tender young age of 3 years. He's a little harder to photograph and usually can't sit still long enough for me to get a shot of him. I think he was gaurding his leaf in this photo.

And this is Buddha who is no longer with me. He got out on Halloween night several years ago after a move to a new house and we never saw him again.

I've always loved this photo of him and like to share it whenever I can in his remembrance. I like to think he ended up with a loving family and is healthy & happy to this day. Through his loss another life was saved though. I searched in my local shelters for him for months and months and in the process met and fell in love with Ramses. I still held out hope that Buddha would return but never did. He was definately one of a kind and is still deeply missed.
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Awwww!!! Very beautiful cats!!!
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That is a handsome crew you have there! I'm sorry about Buddha. I too hope he found a good home.
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All of your sweeties are adorable.

I love the MiMi's "hat." What a pretty girl.

Ramses is such a handsome boy. He is a natural with the camera isn't he.

It is important to guard those special leaves isn't it Bear Bear.

Sending vibes that sweet Buddha is with a loving family.

It was nice to meet your beautiful furfamily
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aww! lovely picture's
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Aww beautiful kitties...............
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They are very pretty kitties.
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great photos sorry to hear about buddha..he looks like he was so adorable.
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Look at those sweethearts!!
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Welcome and beautiful kitties! Sorry about Buddha, he's too cute to not have found a loving home
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So precious. So sorry about Buddha
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