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I'm back

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Hurro, i'm back from my holiday!!!

How does one catch up on 6 or so pages of threads for the week? *chews nails*
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hey! welcome back
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Welcome back!

Good luck on all the threads!
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Glad to see you back!
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Welcome back!! And to answer your question, you just keep reading! LOL
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Hey there girly!! Did you have fun!? WELCOME BACK!
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Welcome back my friend!
the most important as said Nat... did you had fun?...
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Welcome back.
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Try catching up with 2 months of threads.

Welcome home! BTW - I ate all the chocolate.
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Wow, you'll be busy for a while! Hope you had a great holiday and are feeling relaxed
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back! How was your trip?
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Thanks for all your replies. it was really nice. We spent 6 days in a little cabin that has a fully equiped kitchen, reverse air con, queen bed, big bathroom and lounge. The tourist park is really clean and nice, set in the middle of the bush. They have a small swimming pool which i went in every day (even when it rained!).

Every day you can watch and listen to the crimson rosellas, black and white cockatoos and beautiful sacred ibis feeding on the grounds.

I didn't go crazy with buying stuff, but i did get some special chocolates for a few people, and bought myself a small sterling silver pentacle pendant to go with my earrings. I wear it proudly now

Last year when we went, we spent the week going to the sanctuary, and a place called badger weir, lots of walking and discovering. This year we decided it would be a proper holiday of lazing about and discovering the town, which is full of old buildings, antique stores and more.

I really didn't want to leave. I spent the last couple of days pouting, i was tempted to chain myself to the garden table! lol
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