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RIP CJ Pepper.... RIP

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Well I had to go put my sister's cat down today Made me so sad. She's had him since 1988. He had a HUGE tumor in his mouth. The vet was amazed he could eat muchless anything else. She said it was a fast growing and there was nothing she could do for him (anyways).

Heather decided she didn't want heroic measures anyways, they do not have the money, even if there WAS something that could be done {which there was not}
It cost $100 to put him down and cremate him... they are also going to do a paw print of his foot....

CJ was the ONE consistant thing in her life for the past 15 years...

Im just sad b/c she named him after MY first boyfriend (CJ) and MY fav pop (Dr. Pepper), hence CJ Pepper....
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What a nice name. It is sad when such a decision has to be made. But CJ Pepper will be welcomed on the other side by many loved and cherished cats.

No more pain and only good memories remain.

RIP CJ Pepper.

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Thank you... when I find a photo I will post it...
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I am so sorry about the loss of CJ Pepper. It's always very painful when the time comes to say goodbye. He had a long and happy life in the good home your sister gave him. The pawprint of his foot sounds like a wonderful keepsake that your sister will always treasure.
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Rachael, How kind of you to do this for your sister and CJ Pepper. You're so right about pets being a constant in our lives. We are never prepared to face a loss like this. He has brought you all joy for many years, and you have done the same for him. I'm so sorry he couldn't be saved. Bless you and your family.
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It's funny. I didn't even like him {cats in general} when she first got him but he wormed his way into my heart.... I've got tears reading my own post...
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(((HUGS))) Rachel....

May CJ rest in peace.

That was a very nice heartfelt gesture you did for your sister.
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