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Which Breed?

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I'm new to cats, so am not too sure about that much at the moment.

I hope to be adopting one from a animal rescue shelter, so im not sure if that will greatly effect my choice.

I have seen this cat on our street which is so cool. It is really fuzzy, with a cute tabbyish face, fuzz everywhere, white beard thingy and white paws and it's soooooooo cute. That's the sort of cat i would like, but then i saw katya's white cat in her thread and that looked so cool aswell lol.

But i really like the fuzzy one, but i dont have a clue what it is called?

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If the kitten is really fuzzy, it may wind up being a longhair cat. If you don't know the parents and it really doesn't look like a "breed" its either a domestic SH, LH, or medium hair (MH).
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It kind of sounds like you are describing a Ragdoll.. it would be nice to see a picture of it. Sounds cute.
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Probably better off just going to the rescue and looking at cats, since you mentioned it had a tabby face, tabbies are very common so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one that you like

Keep in mind that longer coats require more care than short haired.
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