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Finally calmed down

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I don't know what Popsie's deal was earlier today but he would not leave me alone. Following me around, being obnoxious, the works. I even tried playing with him. Now he's finally laying down after a hard days work.I still love him though. Do your cats have days when they bug you constantly?
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Lucy has been whining this morning and then she started up again when we got home. I'm not sure what her problem is.
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Yes, I think they get antsy sometimes. We are a large part of their world. Maybe not as much as they are to ours

My cat Fiona is a particular pain when she wants to sleep on her "bed", my computer chair. She will stand on the back of the chair and meow loudly in my ear. Sigh heavily, pace, the works. Her stares are deadly!

But you are right. Doesn't make me love her any less. I think she is so adorable. As I like to say I am smitten with the kitten
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Ohmygoodness, all the time.

I don't get to see my baby every day, so whenever I do see him he won't leave me alone until I leave again.
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My older girl, Genesis, she goes nuts when the three stooges are outside during the day and wants as much Momma time as she can get. She'll paw at me, or weasel her way into my lap while I'm drawing. At night she'll sleep right atop my chest or hip if given the chance
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Being a former teacher, and knowing kids, when the cats behave like that, I expect a change in the weather!
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Arwen can be a constant pain in the butt, especially when I am trying to concentrate on my writing...she will paw at the door until I let her in, either that she jumps up at the handle every few minutes to open the door.

And when she does finally get her own way, she distracts me from my work by climbing into my lap and fidgeting to get comfortable

I do love her to pieces though!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Being a former teacher, and knowing kids, when the cats behave like that, I expect a change in the weather!
That could be the case because it has warmed up a little since yesterday.
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Kisa sometimes jumps up on my desk and sits there, as if wanting attention. That and she meows at me when Im sitting here, often putting her paws up on my chair.
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