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Served A Slice Of Humble Pie

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Today, I got my midterm back for my "Signals and Systems" class and saw that I got a 17/30.

I wouldn't be upset if I had not studied, or if I didn't understand the course material. I do the reading, and the homework. And I know how to do the problems. Mostly, I missed points by not working fast enough to complete the test.

I missed 9 points by running out of time on problems that I could have completed if there were more time to work.
I missed 1 point for making a dumb mistake. When I got the test back, I thought, "Why did I write that?"

The other 3 points, I did make mistakes that I would have made with any amount of time to work out the problems.

This exam is worth 25% of our grade. I'm not ordinarily concerned about grades as much actually learning and understanding, but I have to maintain a high GPA to keep my funding.

My confidence is way down, and I'm feeling hopeless about my grade.
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I know the feeling! I had a D- in microeconomics after my second test and was convinced I was going to have to pay my tuition assistance back but I pulled out a B- I know you'll do better on your next test!
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Aw, keep your head up! And if you are seriously concerned, it couldn't hurt to talk to the professor
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I always hated times tests. I just don't think they are fair in certain circumstances. I always second guess myself and have to reread everything before I go to the next question.

I agree, talk to your professor. See if you may be able to get extra credit by answering the questions for him alone. Or at least you may make bonus points with him if you show you are willing to try. You know the material so it's worth a shot!
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Why not go explain to the teacher about your results. Ask the teacher is there anything you can do to improve for the next test or something that will give you extra credit to make up for the poor test results.
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Grades came out, and I remembered that I posted this a couple of months ago.

I ended up getting an A- in the course.
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Way to go!
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That is great!
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That's awesome!
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