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MIGHT be getting another kitten..

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..Tomorrow. My boss has a 7 month old female named Mittens... i love this cat to death! My boss also has 5 parrots, and the kitten is going after the birds so my boss wants to give her away. i care about her so much that i risked asking my bfs mom to let me take her, cuz i would feel better having her with me rather than her going to someone who might give her away again. well my bfs mom was already thinkin about taking her anyway, & i offered to take full responsibility for her and i would be the one buying her food & litter & toys & paying for vet bills. shes UTD on her shots and she was spayed in November, around the same time my Monster was neutered. from being a member on this forum, i already know what to do with introducing cats to each other im just worried cuz i kno the Mitten kitten will be weird cuz shell be in a strange place with another cat. i already had Monster & her together before & she hissed at him. we actually think they may have the same father bc the cat that had Mittens belonged to a friend of mine & they live right behind the place i found my cat & they look ALMOST exactly alike. idk how Monster reacts to other cats, but he never hissed at her. she is such a sweet cat & she already loves me, she knows my bfs mom cuz she works the same place that i work. her behavior is great, & i really think my baby needs a playmate, cuz he goes after our feet, something i tried to stop but he keeps doing it, he always tries to play with our dog but the dog is old & dont wanna play plus he doesnt like the cat anyway. i think Mittens can really teach Monster how to play the right way, but im also worried Monster will convert her to his evil ways lol. i just wanted to share my excitement with u guys cuz i have been wanting another kitten for a while but i didnt think my bfs mom would let me get one. now im getting what i want probably tomorrow.. if i get her, i will definately put some pics of her up.
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Pictures, definitely!
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Good luck . I hope that it works out for you and yes pictures would be good
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im really disappointed. my bfs mom didnt bring her here when she came home from work. i had decided to go to the store & buy food cuz i was running out of it & to buy some litter & toys. we saw her coming home from work & i didnt see a carrier but i thought maybe she had it in the backseat. when i got to the store i decided not to buy mittens any toys bc i wasnt sure if bfs mom brought her home. but then i would have felt bad if mittens was here & i had toys for monster but not her, so i bought her some. when i came home she wasnt here, but bfs aunt said bfs mom said she was bringing mittens home tomorrow after work. i hope, im getting anxious & i just wanna see what happens & get it done & over with. i hope monster isnt mad at me for bringing her here, but he will kno he was my first baby and always will b. he will still get the same amount of attention, & since i was hit by a truck & cant work till i walk, i can give them both ALOT of attention, plus theres 7 ppl who live here, so neither will go without when i do get to go back to work. monster got plenty when i was in the hospital. i just pray that soon they will be best friends, i really want them to be playmates, i hope there isnt any hatred between the two when she gets here... i want to get some vanilla extract & maybe some feliway. ill try the towel thing too, with the treats & see what happens.

ETA: i was talkin to my boss on the phone tellin her why i want mittens so much & she said she would ask bfs mom again, bc she would rather give mittens to me then to someone else, & i told her that i would even bring mittens around sometimes so she can see her.
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Im so excited!! here she is i went & picked her up today!

My new baby..

my bf took her in the house & put her in his moms room which is where were locking her until we feel she is more adjusted.. he put her on the bed, grabbed monster & held him so that they could see each other & they both hissed. monster is really interested in seeing who is invading his territory. but she is very scared & i understand it, she is in a completely new place with a dog, & another cat. we have her in the room with her food in the bowls she used at home, a couple of toys from home, her favorite stuffed animal (her & monster have an obsession wit stuffed animals), her original litterbox. but chris (my boss) uses none clumping litter which i HATE, so we bought that home bc i know u cant change the kind of litter & expect them to use it. so i put some of the litter i used, & some of the stuff she is used too in her box, & gradually ill add more of the clumping till shes used to it. if she doesnt adjust in a few weeks, a month at the most, my boss will take her back. i hope that is not the case, i really want her to stay forever.
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She is beautiful! I am sure it will all work out just fine.
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she is adorable good luck
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heres an update on mittens... she is adjusting pretty well. yesterday she was playing which i see as a good sign. my bfs mom doesnt understand introducing cats so she doesnt want mittens locked up all day which i wasnt planning on doing. her & monster were playin with each other under the door. today was the only day she hasnt hissed at him. we leave the door to my bfs moms room open so she can come out and explore whenever she wants. when no one is home we lock one of them up so theyre not together unsupervised. at first she would sit at the door and if she saw the dog she would hiss. she is not used to dogs or other cats. monster is really interested in her, not in an aggressive way, he wants to get to kno her. well hes bigger than her & she thinks he wants to hurt her, so usually if monster goes up to her to sniff her, shell try to protect herself cuz she doesnt realize he is tryin to be her friend. she will bat at him, (claws in thank god) & hell bat back(claws in). when shes sleepin somewhere, hell go up & lay with her, but once she wakes up n sees him she runs away. today she seems a bit calmer, like shes starting to realize he doesnt wanna hurt her, but shes still trying to protect herself. she even went up to the dog while he was sleeping & was smelling him. see duke (the dog) never liked monster, but doesnt seem phased that theres a new cat in the house. earlier today the two kitties were chasing each other around. shes eating well, using the box like normal, shes playing. she still seems hesitant when shes walking around the house, but pretty soon it will be home in her eyes & shell realize she is safe here. im glad shes getting better with the other animals & pretty soon theyll be inseperable(i hope).
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Sounds as if it's going well, if they are chasing around and playing with each other I don't think you have too much to worry about

She's very pretty!
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She's very cute
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She's a beautiful kitty.
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She is beautiful. Sounds like they are adjusting quickly.
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