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technology (see i cant even spell the word)

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Does anyone have one of those ipod shuffles? romans nephew bought one and wanted me to load songs on it. I am so freaked that i am gonna break it or loose the thing i dont wanna touch it. i have had earrings bigger then that! i am glad i never bought one, i am sure by now i would have lost it, heck i loose my cellphone half the time and its about 6 times bigger then this ipod. i am just tripped out by it, my bet is either the dog eats it and he wont have it for long, he will loose it and/or the goats will find it and eat it, either way what a waste of $$. why do kids today need all this technology stuff? all of roman's neices and nephews(the youngest is 8) all carry cell phones and a mp3 player or pocket video game. we went over last night after he got off work and played rock band and sing star with the kids, now that is something to behold. i was blown away..... i want i want i want it! of course i have no one to play with romans sister in law says as we are leaving.... i just pop that into the game system and i dont have to worry about the kids, they stay locked in there for hours with that thing! what a babysitter i am thinking, but of course i didnt say it out loud, last time i smarted off i got punched in the head. i am trying to be nice, and keep things civil as possible. when i was a kid i was amazed with a doll that could walk if you held her hand, now that was technology! lol. i know, i need to quit living in the past but gosh......
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I have a cell phone, video Ipod, and a Nintendo DS. All of which I carry on me daily in my purse. I have no idea what I'd do without my cell phone and my ipod. I watch movies on my ipod on my lunch break (an hour) and I love listening to all my music on my way home.
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i have one! i thought i'd end up losing mine, but the tight clip on the back, stop's that from happening! i love mine hehe, & what's more "it's pink"!
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I just bought a used one -- I am a little tripped out by the small size as well, but I think I'll just make sure to keep the earbuds attached. Plus, I bought a charger for my car, so it'll be harder to lose track of in there!

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a technophobe, so I haven't loaded it yet I got it mostly so I could listen to my class lectures on my commute, and they're recorded and posted on the college's website so we can download 'em w/iTunes. Still figuring out how that all works
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When I walk outside I have a Sony radio/tv/weatherband that I use. I like Public radio so I would rather listen to that and learn something. I don't see me having any use for an ipod.
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