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I'm So Not Impressed with My Cable TV Company!

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I got a letter in the mail yesterday indicating that they are introducing some new channels and as a result they are getting rid of one of the "theme groups" and that the channels in that theme group will be divided up and put into 4 different existing theme groups.

If you subscribe to the 4 theme groups that the channels are being moved to, you are not affected. However, if you do not subscribe to them you will lose access to the channels unless you decide to add the groups to your cable package!

I subscribe to 3 of the 4 theme groups so I will continue to be able to view 3 of the 4 channels. But 1 of them will be lost to me because I do not subscribe to the theme group it is moving to!

One of the new channels they are getting is NASA TV. I would love to have that, but they are sticking it in the "Family" theme group which has a bunch of cartoon channels and the gaming network. None of which interest me at all. You would think that they would put NASA TV under "Adventure" along with the "Space" channel. But noooo!

I wish they allowed us to subscribe to a single channel and not an entire group of useless ones.
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yep , that is the way they do it. I would love to have wings channel and the bbc america, but to get, you have to get several other packages,

lol they put wings in with alot of home and garden stuff.

they want to spread it out it to force you to buy more packages from them
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Well, their marketing ploy isn't going to work for me! I'm not interested in any of the other theme groups that they have. Because they are discontinuing "Pulse" theme group they are going to substitute another theme group into my package, which means I will be paying for one that I don't want. I'm going to tell them that I don't want any other theme group added and that my fee better no be going up because I will no longer have an even number of theme groups which was their policy at the onset of my signing up with MTS a couple years ago. Apparently if you didn't take an even number, you were charged more for that odd number group or something.

As much as I would like the NASA TV channel, I don't want it enough to pay whatever the rate is for the theme group because I am not interested in a bunch of cartoon channels.
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