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No, I have no idea where she got that bone

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Ah, just finished dinner, and it was fantastic. I'd had a Boston Butt in the slow cooker since about 10 am. When it was nearly done, I scooped some of it's drippings into a roast pan, cubed 4 large potatoes, and popped them in the oven for some nice roast pork potatoes. When they were almost done, I took the lid off the roaster so that they would have that pork flavored firm outside, but the nice fluffy "potatoey" insides. Then had the whole thing with home made cornbread, sweet peas and cranberry sauce.

Anyway, when the pork was done, I used tongs to simply pull the entire bone out, along with a few ounces of meat. I just left the meat on the bone (a fairly good amount) let it cool, then put it on a paper plate and gave it to Lil' Girl, the neighbors dog.

Lil' Girl has been camped out on my deck ever since. I suppose now I will have to 'fess up when the neighbor gets home as to where she got that bone, and why she doesn't want to come home
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We used to do that with our leg of lamb bones... when we no longer had a dog, my mom would hand it to me (in a baggie) and I'd trot myself down to the neighbors and Baron, a retired police dog. He was a mean old S*B. He hated my guts, even though I took care of him when his human was out of town (I was the neighborhood petsitter). For weeks after I gave him that bone (repeated every year until he died), he knew i was the one who gave it to him... so he'd start barking at me... to which I'm yell, "Baron, shush!" He recognized my voice and let out a whimper, then silence.

you've made a friend...

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Sounds like you have a new BFF
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Okay, first of all, that description of your meal was...

Secondly, I doubt that dog will ever leave your deck...I hope you've been wanting another dog!
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I'm surprised Hobo didn't absond with the bone.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Sounds like you have a new BFF
I'd say!
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When DH and I were dating, we went out to eat with my parents. We had bbq beef ribs... yummy...

Well, DH gave Taffy, the family dog one of the bones. SHe took it and spit it right out!

Well, when my mom picked it up and gave it to her, she took it! She just didn't want to take it from the "stranger"
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I always cook a leg of lamb on Easter, and since we no longer have a dog, our neighbors' dog gets the bone. They tell me that as soon as he gets a whiff (we live in twin houses/ a duplex, and tend to leave windows open), he gets very excited about the sound of the front door opening, because that's the only meaty bone he ever gets. The poor dog is now senile, nearly blind and deaf, but I bet all his senses will be concentrated on getting that bone next month.
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haha!! Thats so funny! Something I would do! Im sure they'll see the bone and just KNOW it was from you!
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What's a Boston Butt?
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