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TV to help cats adjust to living with people

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in the nz news....

TV to help cats adjust to living with people
05 March 2003

Dogs have masters, cats have staff – and nobody knows that better than the Kapiti SPCA where stray, lost and homeless cats watch television all day long from the comfort of cosy couches and arm chairs.

Waikanae shelter manager Lloyd Warren, said he had done up two rooms – one for cats and one for kittens – like lounges to help the animals get accustomed to living with people.

Last week he bought the cats their own 20 inch TV for $40 – the asking price had been $50 but he cheekily convinced the seller to knock $10 off "because it had no remote control".

"The whole point of the idea is to make these animals more sociable. Every house has got a TV now."

Familiarising the cats with television would help make the move to a new home less stressful.

But he had noticed some cats preferred sitting on the TV to watching it.

TV was switched off at 5pm: "We don't let them watch the news, it's too depressing," he said.

And the cat and kitten rooms were popular with volunteers who helped socialise the animals by sitting with them, sometimes for up to two hours.

"A lot of people (looking for a new cat) want to know if they're lap cats. Now you can sit down and see which ones come and sit on your lap."

Eight cats and four kittens were living in the shelter at present, but more were expected soon.

Most cats spent four to six weeks at the shelter, but kittens were adopted out very quickly, he said.
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What a neat idea!

I think the reason I love cats is because I secretly want to BE a housecat, with a little jingly ball to chase, and someone who scritches my head....

Don't know why that came out here, but that article makes me want to stretch out on the back of my couch.
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hmmm... curl up on the sofa and watch a little tv. although i think i would make a pretty poor lapcat. i like my space!
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Didn't I read somewhere that there is now a TV show just for cats? I think it's called "Meow TV". Is anyone familiar with it? I don't know what station broadcasts it - maybe Animal Planet? My sister's one cat is nuts about animated Disney films - you simply can't turn the VCR off because the kids have lost interest and want to play outside - he wants to watch the movie to the end! So why not cats with their own TV? I just hope the commercials don't brainwash them.
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jcat: You are right, there's some show out or one that is coming out, or it might be a whole chan, something like that.

This is why I think foster homes are sooo much better then cages and kennels at a human society and such.
It's a much easier transition to go from wide open spaces in one house, to another house, from a small confined safe cage where no one can sneak up on you, to a big huge scary house!
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Kellye - thanks for sharing that with us. What a great idea! It sounds like that shelter isn't full... where was it four months ago when I needed it?

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my cats love to watch tv with us. it is funny sometimes they will run up to it and get really close and just follow the pictures.
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