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max still is growing at and chasing sophie since she was spayed wednesday. when i feed them in the morning he will eat next to her, but if she walks by him during the day he growls and chases her away. millie accepted her after several hours and the next day they were back to cuddleing up for a nap and grooming each other. is it because max is male that he is more upset about her different smell? everyone in the house now is spayed or neutered. sophie is already a scaredy cat who spends half her day hiding in the basement and is hard to catch, i don't want to give her a complex because she doesn't understand why her buddy doesn't like her right now.
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Maybe to him she still smells like the vet.

Take a towel and rub it all over Sophie, then rub it all over Max and then back over Sophie. Blending their scents should really help matters.

You might also want to put a drop of vanilla extract on the base of their tails. Or rub corn starch into both of them.

Hopefully one of these ideas will do the trick!
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