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Where is your litterbox?

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Where do you put your litterboxes?
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Mine are in the spare bedroom
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Ours are in our bedroom.
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mine are in my cat run and in the laundry room ,and at the moment i have one in my dining room as its like a makeshift hospital for Lucy
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Mine are in a mostly unused room. I use it as a "task" room kinda. I can pull out a folding table for sewing, crafts, whatever. The litter boxes are in the closet.
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I had to vote "other". We used to have one in the upstairs hallway, and another in the cellar, but Jamie didn't use the "extra" one in the cellar, so now we just have the one upstairs. Our bathroom is really tiny, and the hallway has a parquet floor, so we put the litterbox there, right beside the door to the bathroom.

If need be, we'll put a second one in the downstairs hallway, or in a corner of the living room, as he ages.
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I have four in my basement permanently. I also have one in my upstairs spare room when any rescues or fosters are staying at the "inn"
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I picked guest bathroom but I call it Chester's bathroom because he uses it more than any of the guests.
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I have it in the bathroom, but I'm thinking of moving it to the spare bedroom.
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I have a studio apartment, and it's in the bathroom. In the bathtub. Works well.
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In a storage closet
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It's in the basement since my room and the bathroom are too small. We have it under a table for some privacy.
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The closet in my bedroom is empty except for the litterbox and container of litter. There's two litter boxes in the basement also. The one in the closet rarely gets used. I set it up when Cleo was ill and stayed in my bedroom all the time. I keep thinking I'm going to get rid of it and use the closet again, but I just never seem to get around to it.
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We have 2.

One is in the spare bedroom, which I use as an office. It's in the corner next to a long bookcase. You can't see it when you first walk in the room.

The other is in the dining room (we never use it). I voted living room though because it's really the dining/living room (apartment). It's in the corner hidden next to a tall bookcase.

A box would not fit in our bathroom or kitchen, there's no way I'd stick one in our bedroom, we don't have a garage or laundry/utility room to put it in, no basement.

My dad & step-mom keep theirs in the kitchen, right by the door to the backyard. It's underneath the desk enclove thingy.

Know what would be cool to do if you were building a house? Have a built-in litter box area. Like a seperate room right off the laundry room or something, with a cat door to let cats in it but not dogs.
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One in my kitchen, two in my office. Used to have a 4th in my bedroom, but they didn't use it much so I downsized for now.
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I voted other because we have six cats and eight boxes, so I couldn't pick just one.

We have four upstairs and four downstairs: of those, 2 are Litter Robots and one of each of those is on each floor.


We have one in the guest bedroom - that's only for when Gary's mom stays with us. They like to sleep under the bed in there, so we didn't want anyone to get trapped in there when she closed the door for the night because she sleeps for like 12 hours. When she's here we put water and food in there too.

We have one in the upstairs hallway and two in the "cat room." (A third bedroom). One of those is a Litter Robot.


The living room/dining room are one giant room (and we don't have a dining table - the eating area is in the kitchen). So we have two in there - kind of at each end of the room.

The other two are next to each other: one of those is the other Litter Robot. They're in the short hallway that goes to the powder room.

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Ive got 7 (boxes, only six cats) and they're in my closet (which I dont use for clothes).
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I voted "other". Our house has a "waterheater / utility" room off of the garage. When the house was built, we had them put a cat door between the office (off of the kitchen) to that room. It's the perfect place for a box...Cement floor and even an electrical outlet for when I get a LR.

I will really miss it when I move

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One in the living room near the front door, since three of our cats are always itching to get outside to potty we figured placing it next to the door may be helpful.

One in the spare bathroom that we never use due to the leaking toilet (we've turned it off) and also keep a small 1 gallon fish tank with moss in there as a night light. No fishies though

And one on the enclosed porch which seems to have been completely ignored since we added the other two litter boxes in the house.
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Bathroom and Kitchen, opposite ends of the apartment
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Ours is in our second bedroom. It's supposed to be a guest bedroom, but we rarely have people stay over, so it's the computer room.
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Our is in the Master area but not the bedroom or bathroom area. We have his and her's closets. Neither of us have enough clothes for a whole, big closet so we share the "her's" closet. The "his" closet is instead the "kitty closet". We have the litter boxes in there. It is very spacious for them. The only bad thing is when we are trying to dress in the morning, we get cat litter on our feet.
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I have one in the kitchen for the downstairs cats, one in the cat room for fosters, one on the landing for Zi (forgot to tick other), one in my bedroom for Molly and occasionally one in the bathroom. Have had them in the front room in the past though, but fortunately have cats that are happy to use the kitchen at the moment.
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Ours is in the corner of the living room. Not exactly an ideal location but we have a pretty small apartment.
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I keep mine in the laundry room. We installed a cat door so that the cats can go in and out of the laundry room as they please- but the dogs can't get in there to get into their food or their kitty litter. I LOVE that cat door I've also got their food/water, cat beds and cat tree in there as well
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The main one is in the laundry room. I have an extra box with crystal litter [they prefer clumping, which is in the main box] but they don't use it much.
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I have one in my bathroom (I voted Master Bath because I only have one bathroom) and one in my Dining Nook (I voted Other). I have a small apartment, so it's not a separate room, more of an indentation.

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We have 2. The main one in the basement, and one upstairs in my bathroom.
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ours is under the stairs. however, the actual litter is quite often found in the hall, the lounge, the kitchen, on the stairs...
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I have 1 in the master bathroom, 1 in my craft room (a spare bedroom), 2 in our sun room, 1 in the laundry room and 1 in the basement.
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