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Good News!!!!

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DH came home on lunch today and announced that he is getting a promotion Its not officially announced yet because they are going to train him fire the person who is in the space then they have to post the job to make it legal, then he is hired!!! This will be great it means more money, and it also means that I can work at a family owned gas station here(less money, less driving times, better job and better environment) and also a job that will work better with my college schedule!

As far as the baby news we still don’t know anything Can I have some more of those have a baby vibes...please! We really want one!! I am going to have an ultrasound done next week sometime because of the inconclusive results I’ve been getting from test a few more positive and a couple more’s very weird!!
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That's great!

And I'm sending lots of baby vibes your way!!
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Good news about the promotion!

And sending many baby vibes!
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Congrats to your DH!!!

Praying you can have a baby soon.
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That's soooooo fantastic! I hope it becomes offical really quickly!

And I'm praying about the whole baby thing too!!!
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congratulations to DH and you my friend!
for a good settle in his new dutys!...
Please Keep us update about it!..
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that's great!
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Congrats on the promotion!!

I hope you're pregnant!! Some people just dont have as much of the pregnancy hormones as others!! Are they going to do a regular ultra sound? Did they tell you to drink a gallon of water??


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Congrats on DH promotion!!!

Strong pregnancy vibes for you sweetie!!!
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congrats to your DH

baby vibes especially for you
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