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Cello's violent behaviour and my disaster (long)

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Oh my gosh I feel so awful. I have been crying for the past hour. Part of this is personal, part of this is cat related.

One of my best friends lives in the UK (I'm in canada) and over christams was diagnosed with bone cancer. It hasn't been going well and I've been trying to plan a suprise visit. Last week her family called and she is off chemo until march 8 due to a bad infection so they thought this would be a good time to come see her, so I booked a flight for this weekend......leaving tonight (arriving in glasgow tomorrow morning) and coming back Monday afternoon.

Well I just checked my flight and it is delayed until tomorrow night, which means I won't get in until Sunday morning, which gives me less then 24 hours there (opposed to almost 48) with one of my best friends who does not yet have a prognosis (I don't want to think about it).

I got obviously really upset when I read this, and called the airline and there is nothing they will do (ie. put me on an earlier flight with another company) because the flight isn't cancelled it's 'delayed'

Anyways I very tearfully called my friends sister to tell her (i'm still going to go but this is just all so stressful and awful) and when I got off the phone I curled up on the couch crying. While i was on the floor pacing cello attacked my feet fairly violently a couple times but i tried to ignore him. However while i was bawling on the couch he leapt from the floor and wrapped himself around my arm and sunk his teeth into it (I am still bleeding) this off course made me cry more and i threw him to the ground.

I don't know whats happening or why he did this. I remember he bit me once when I was really upset about Kismet, but he never broke the skin until today. Now I feel guilty about throwing him (he is fine and at the fridge wanting to be fed) but I don't know what to do about any of this and i don't know how to calm down.
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Cats (and other animals) can sense 'weakness' in others and it's a hard-wired old instinct that just pops up (probably one related to hunting). I've seen it in my cats when another is vulnerable, and there isn't a lot to do about it. There also may be a fear factor involved - i.e. you're suddenly 'different' and it makes them tense. I wouldn't worry that it means anything long term or that your cat is suddenly horrible... just being a cat. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend - and it's a shame that you'll only get to see her when you're a bit jet lagged (don't eat heavily before you go, and do get as much sleep as possible). Your cat will get over his snit and I'm sure you will too. I would take good care of your bite though as they can be troublesome. Please write once you're back and let us know how you both are doing.
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I'm so sorry about your friend and your kitty.

I don't know why he would do this - except it does seem to be a reaction to your distress given that it happened once before under what I'm guessing was a similar distress situation.

Maybe others have experienced something similar - I don't really know. I do know that with pain or illness it can go both ways - some kitties just want to curl and snuggle with people that are in pain or ill - other kitties won't go near people that are in pain or are ill when they used to snuggle with them.

I know that mom cats "bite" (not hard enough to break the skin) the neck of kittens that are mewing to indicate they should be quiet. Some people have had their females try to do this to young children that are crying or squealing. Maybe something about the way you were crying sounded like a kitten - and Cello was trying - though a little too roughly - to tell you to be quiet.

Thankfully it doesn't happen often - so I really don't know what to suggest you do.

I'm just so sorry to hear about your friend and the problems with getting there to see her.

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