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Bengal Crazies: Invisible Slam Dunk

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Booyah! 2 points.

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His (her?) markings are just incredible.

I've really come to love the ASL facial features that this kitty has.

I was watching "Heart of a Lioness" on Animal Planet last night. In watching the lions: the way they walk, their facial expressions, the way the lioness eats and the way she hunts, the way that adolescent lions play and hunt - it was just amazing to see so many similarities between bengals and their big wild cat cousins.

Granted, I've always had a passion for the big cats...maybe that's why I love the little bengals so much.
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I love the markings on this kitty! So pretty!
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I must agree....
that Slam Dunk really shows off those incredible markings.
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That is a great photo!!
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Those bengal kitties are amazing athletes!!!! Wow!!
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nothing but neeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! he is the next Michael Jordan...or Lebron
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What a great pic. Beautiful kitty.
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Another great show
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ROFL! WOnderful pictures! What personality!

And WHAT MARKINGS! So striking!

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I can't believe the awesome shots you get of your cats! Sweet!
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Wow her color is AMAZING!!!
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