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Help Midwest Rabbit Rescue Win a Shelter Makeover!

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Please Help Midwest Win a Shelter Makeover!

Midwest Rabbit Rescue is a large no-kill rescue. They have a central shelter and foster homes for the rabbits, which are often rescued from kill shelters when their time is up. Midwest is in Michigan but helps out other areas as needed, including quite a few rabbits from Chicago kill shelters. Check out their website and all their adoptable rabbits on Petfinder: http://rabbitrr.org/index.html

http://www.zootoo.com Out of over 900 registered shelter across the country, Midwest is ranked at around 24!

Midwest needs your help! The top 20 shelters with the most points win. The shelter with the most points wins a 1,000,000 Makeover! The runner up wins a 10,000 makeover and the top 18 shelters will receive a 5,000 makeover. This would make a world of difference for the bunnies at Midwest.

Also for you rabbit lovers, this is the only rabbit rescue anywhere near the top of the list. Rabbits aren't represented very much on the ZooToo site at all, and we rabbit lovers are trying to change that while helping Midwest at the same time. Midwest might be close to the top, but there's a month left to go and they don't have as many people signed up as some of the other rescues. That means that in crunch time at the end, with limited points available per person per day, Midwest might be passed up by other rescues.

How can you help?

Click on http://www.zootoo.com/register/referrer/midwestrabbitrr and sign up. Midwest gains points for every person who joins through them, and for any activity that you do on the site, so the more you do the more Midwest gains! Be sure to use the above link as it will give them more points for a friend referral. Choose Midwest Rabbit Rescue as the rescue you will support for the Makeover contest.

Continue to gain more points for Midwest by doing more on ZooToo. Midwest gets points when you do, so you can post reviews of products (limit 10/day), pictures (10/day) and videos (5/day) of your pets using products, and discuss ZooToo news (25/day).

This is something so small you can do to help an awesome rescue who does so much. Please forward to your friends and family and ask if they will help. The deadline for this contest is March 31 so sign up today!

Thank you so much!!

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I joined. I had a bun for 4 years (unfortunately had to rehome her when I moved, but she went to a very loving family) so anything I can do to help bunnies I will.
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Thanks so much! And please pass this on to any people you know who might be interested. The more help, the better!
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There has to be more bunny lovers out here!
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