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Stinky kitty

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Hey all,

I know I have written about this before. But, I wanted to update. I took my cats in for their yearly exam, and rabies booster. While there I explained to the vet that the girls have stinky bottoms and I wondered if she could check their anal sacks. Well, Marbles was first, and she screamed like there was no tomorrow while the vet checked, and basically, there was nothing wrong. Since Marbles is the smellier of the two, and she reacted so badly and there was nothing wrong, I didn't even have them try Trouble.

So, it is still an issue. I am in process right now of switching their food from Nutro Adult Natural Care to Royal Canin Indoor 27. I am hoping this makes the difference. We are in the middle of that process right now, so I don't know the results just yet.

I guess what I am wondering is, does anyone have this issue with their cats? I understand that when they go it will have an odor, that doesn't bother me at all, but when a cat walks past your head and you get to the back end and there is an odor, I just wonder if I have tried everything I can.

As always, thanks all.
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My cats get the occasional bout of flatulence(kitty farts), but it goes away. It is usually associated with a bout of diarrhea or intestinal upset of a sort. I have noticed that Binky who eats canned food is more prone to a case of the stinkys than Hoots who eats dry.
I dont know if this is true but i heard that cats with worms might be stinkyer because of the intestinal upset it causes.
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Firmer stools will solve the problem (firm as in normal not overly hard). Different foods work for different cats - hopefully the Royal Canin will help with this problem.

Unfortunately most cats prefer their litter box privacy so it is hard to monitor them in this area. With dogs, if you watch them go potty, you will see them express their anal glands rather frequently if they are on a good diet and having healthy stools. You will sometimes see a drop or two of a milky liquid at the end of their pooping and that is the anal glands being expressed the right way - naturally. I think with cats it is much harder to see, but it still should be happening for them normally on a diet that is good for them and makes them have healthy stools.
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When I was feeding my kittens Nutro Max kitten I knowed they were really gassy(i think thats how you spell it) Anyways I switched over to Authority and they improved a whole lot. I will sometimes still get a wiff of there bottoms when they try to put them in my face,lol. I also stopped smelling those kitty farts from across the room. Good luck and hope your kitty's bottom's smell improve!
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I fed Nutro for a short time, and my cats could clear a room. It got so bad it just hung in the air all the time. Even air freshener didn't help. Changing food stopped it.
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Authority uses animal digest and animal fat in its foods...you really don't want to know what that means!
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Thanks everyone, I am hoping that the change in food helps. I guess I will know soon enough. In the mean time: Mind the Bum.
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Ok, another update, my cats are noticably less stinky in their bottom region. It seems the Royal Canin works. This is after only 2.5 full weeks on just Royal Canin. I am really impressed. Even Marbles has a less stinky bum. She has had the problem since she was just a bity baby. Yay!!
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Actually, I DO want to know what that means! I feed Authority and since then we haven't had the stinky-kitty thing we had with Nutro nor the bladder problems we had with Iams. However, coats are not as good as I've had, but stools are fine.

Hazarding a guess, I'd say the animal fat sounds just like what it is - animal fat (correct me if I am wrong) but the "animal digest" sounds like partially digested food or waste. Yuk. Alicat613, can you confirm this?

Also, in light of that, can someone recommend a dry food? Thanks!

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Hi Zanna
I've been browsing cat food ingrediants for awhile tonight, and chicken/poultry fat seems very common... now animal digest... I have no idea what that is, and probably don't want to know.

So the dry cat food debate... it all depends on what you're looking for. I feed my Spike Nutro Natural Choice... if I could get my hands on Solid Gold, I'd feed that instead. (It's not sold in my area.) Royal Canin also seems to be a popular brand to feed. Both of those contain no by-products. If you're looking for a food that contains no by-products and is fit for human consumption, you might want to try the Solid Gold (I've heard great things about it, but haven't fed it myself.) Also, Felidae is a good choice. I did try to feed that to Spike, but he wouldn't eat it. Wellness is another brand that is in the same category.

Good luck choosing a food... it seems it's harder to feed our kitties than to feed ourselves. (I know I put more thought into Spike's food than my own. )
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