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Ok guys, I will work on your cd next week! I just wanted you guys to know I haven't fogotten. just need to find the time to learn the cd burning program.

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Colby....just let me know when you are ready, and I will send you my address....and Mr. Cat....I finally got your whole Cd listened to, the piano solo is beautiful!!!!!!! One of my brothers is a concert pianist, so I really appreciate that kind of thing...and I especially loved The sweetest taboo....I have heard it before, and alsways loved it! I also really liked Army of Me and Fear of Dying....I had never heard those before, and I really enjoyed them!!! THANKS!!!!!!!

I may (MAY,I say) have a way to send you guys a copy of the cd of some of my favorite songs that my step-daughters x-boyfriend burned for me.....a lady who works at the same place as me, but on a different shift, has a cd burner...she said if I buy the cds, she would make copies for me. So I will see. saying it and doing it are two different things...LOL I think she will though.
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I'm very happy that you like those "cuts" on the album! Did you peruse the enclosure, with the lyrics to "Army of Me" and "Fear of Dying"?

Anyway, don't forget to send me your diskfull of "favorites" when you're able!



P.S.: Björk says, "Hello, Debby!"
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have you figured your burner out yet, missy?
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I haven't had the time to figure it out yet! I AM going to though. I'll keep you guys updated to my progress
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OK you guys, I promise I'm going to learn how to use my cd burner....

I will be practicing today......

it's so frustrating because I know all the songs I want to include.
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Can I play too?

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I thought you were playing with us?

as soon as I figure out how to burn cds I will let you know so you can PM your address.
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Just makin' sure

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ok, ok, ok

I haven't practiced yet, but I AM going to do it this week.


:paranoid2 :confused3
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Colby....I would also really like to get a copy of your favorites! I have gotten Cd's from both Mr. Cat and Cleo, and have enjoyed them both....I promised them, and I will keep my promise, as soon as I can, I will get a CD burned to send them back.
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It's done!!!!!!!!!!!

and I have to say, as I was playing it in my office, 3 people poked thier head in to ask what I was listening to, because they really liked it.

so, Cleo, I have your address already, if anyone else wants a copy PM me.

if you're a music lover, then I'm telling you guys, it's a good one!
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I must be Psychotic...er...Psychic or something!
I just bought padded mailing envelopes yesterday!

I have your addy, so I'll make the cover and send it off tomorrow!

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Mr.Cat & Cleo

cds going out tonight.....

whoo-hoo! finally.

hope you guys enjoy
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Heey, I have just read this thread. What a great idea

I would like to share Cd's as well If you think that you have the guts to accept a CD from a Turkish girl

First, I was thinking of burning some Turkish music, but then I thought that you might not like them since you won't be understanding what they are saying. So I think I'll stick with English songs

Cleo, airprincess, blue & Mr Cat, I will pm you now & give you my address. Anyone interested in my CD can pm me of course
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Dodo, sorry my box was full...

please try again
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I am dropping your cd in the mail on my way to work....about 45 mins from now!

TGIF! Dreading tonight at the bar, Fridays are bad enuff, but one of my rowdier regulars is having a B-Day party , about 40 peeps plus the regular crowd...and I'll be flying solo!
Oh well, they better tip well!

Hope you like the cd, I put it on the jukebox at work, and it gets played a lot!

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