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Hey Guys...I wanna play too! I havent invested in a burner...yet...but I can put some tunes on tape
and send them to whoever wants one. This is a great way to learn about each other, explore some new music, and get mail too!:laughing2 :laughing2
whoever wants to trade, let me know,
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Björk, you say? Well, KNRK can't be too bad then! Okay, I'll give it a listen — as soon as I figure out what frequency it's on. Thanks!

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Count me in! I've an audio-cassette player here. Can you play compact disks? By the way, for your information and everyone else's (as I've no gold or jewels), here's my postal-service address:

PORTLAND OR 97206-2633

Mind, I respect others' privacy; so feel free to send me your postal-service address via electronic mail or a private message. Thank you!

It's hot again today!

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"Can you play play compact disks? "

Yes I can

"It's hot again today! "

YES! it is!


By the way, we live pretty close...I'm right next to Clackamas Town Center!
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Aha, Clackamas Town Center! The good old #72 bus took me there almost daily, to see a friend, from 1992-1994.

I wish I was there now, as it's air conditioned!

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Blue, I've tried to PM you with my address, but it says your box is too full. But I am interested in exchanging CD's
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did you get my PM/email - cant remember which... it should be working
now - maybe it is just a glitch... it said that for airprincess too but
it went through anyway.

i deleted some messages, unfortunately so, i see no reason why it
shouldnt work now
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Blue....I absolutely want to exchange CDs with you!!! It will take me two weeks at least to get my stepdaughters boyfrend to make me a copy of my favorites that he already burned for me. Sadly though...there is no KC & Sunshine Band on it, because I didn't have him burn that on a disk, because I have their greatest hits cd already.

I hope my musical tastes don't drive you nuts!!! This Cd is very varied and has alot of different types of music that I like on it.

I will ask him to burn me a copy when I see him, and then when I have it I will send you my address, so we can exchange!!!!

Anyone else that is interested...let me know...but be forewarned....I like some funky old stuff from the 70's & 80's!!!
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Dear Friends,

I'd very much enjoy sending any of you a compact disk containing some of my favorite music! If you're interested, please send me an electronic-mail message or a private message containing your postal-service address.

For your information, here is the play list:

1. Polonaise No. 6 in A flat, Op. 53 — Martha Argerich

2. Army of Me — Björk

3. Take Five (45-Rpm Version) — Dave Brubeck Quartet

4. Rockets — Cat Power

5. Appalachian Spring — Aaron Copland (Conductor)

6. Retard Girl — Hole

7. Fear of Dying — Jack Off Jill

8. Girl from Ipanema — A. C. Jobim

9. What's New Pussycat? (Main Title) — Tom Jones

10. In a Persian Market — Albert W. Ketèlbey

11. The Sweetest Taboo — Sade

12. Fool on the Hill — The Beatles

13. Singin' the Blues — Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra featuring Bix Beiderbecke

I've already made one compact-disk copy of the above-mentioned music; and I'll make more copies should there be any interest expressed.

Thank you,

Joe a.k.a. Mr. Cat (plus =^..^=s Michaela and Tonya)

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i'd love to do an exchange with you as well tapes are welcomed to

it may take me a little while to get all this together, i have quite a
few of you i am mailing, and all my c.d.'s are going to be different,
in one way or another - cant wait to get them all done & mailed!!!
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I promise I will join in soon. Hubby took out some of his RAM to put into our server. I can't make any CD's until the computer will handle it. I think I must have over 1000 CD's I could share. What about some kind of wish list, that everyone wants??
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Sounds like fun you guys! I talked to 2 of my pals at the bar while working Friday night, and after I bought 'em each a they said if I buy the blank disc, they'd be happy to it for me! Some people are just too easy...if they'd held out, I would bought 2!:laughing2
So, after I figure out what I want on it, I'll have it within a week!
Warning! Somehow my 22 year old son and I seem to have switched tastes...he listens to Motown 70's and 80's stuff...all the stuff a (gag) 40 year old should listen to...while I like Alternative, new Pop, and even a littl Hard Rock (i.e. Korn, Tool, etc) so don't be too shocked when you listen!

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i have a birthday coming up next week, and i'm HOPING for a c.d. burner
from my best-friends ( they have been hinting ) and a digital
camera from my family!!! woohooooooooooooo!!! if this happens i will be
a c.d. making, camera taking maniac!!!!!!


no worries, the idea is to get to know each other better by sharing our
different musical tastes, besides, i love alternative as well, you're
clear with me!

cant wait to get started!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Blue, your compact disk will be winging its way to you this Friday! Ta da!

Sandie, your "wish list" is a good idea. Perhaps we can run up a flag on this thread should we crave a tune we haven't got? Right now, I can't think of specific music; but I will think of something, tune-wise, missing from my life.


P.S.: I'll be happy to send copies of the "Blue!" compact disk to others here. But I'll need addresses, won't I?

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that is a good idea... but, for me, i can access pretty much anything,
so, i wont need anything, but, i can help make c.d.'s for others of music
they want, specifically


i'm so excited!!!
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Cleo....gee, maybe me and your SON should exchange CDs!! Sounds like he likes my kind of music!!

Blue....what is the exact date of your Birthday? Don't you dare have a birthday without letting us start a thread to celebrate it!!!!

And sadly....I won't be able to send out a CD of my own now.
My stepdaughters boyfriend broke up with her last week. She is so broken hearted, poor thing. She is 16, and he was her first love.
He is the only one I know who owns a CD burner.
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that is too bad, what sad news for her, how is she coping?

it's okay about the c.d. though, like i said, i will still send you one anyway!

maybe you can write me a list of everything that was to be on it, and
i can download it all and listen

my birthday is on Monday, June.4th - big 'ole 21 !
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She is still pretty heartbroken. I should e-mail you a pic of her, she is so pretty....looks like her mother. (and my hubby of course!!)

I will send you my address soon so you can send me a cd. I would love to hear your music!!!

Monday!!!!!!!!!! The big day!

21 years!!!!!!! WOW....wish I was 21 again!!!!
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Your Blue! album is on its way to you, even as we speak! Inside the jewel-case cover you'll find two pages of source data, to show you where the songs originally resided.

There are lyrics for a few of the songs, too. If the liner notes had lyrics, I included them; if not, I didn't (though most all lyrics are available somewhere on the inter-net).

Let me know what you think of the "tunes"; and if anyone is interested in a copy of Blue! (after reading Blue's review), give me an address via either electronic mail or a private message and I'll send a copy as soon as possible.


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Mr. Cat....I would love a copy of your CD, but unfortunately I can't send one of my own. If you still want to send me one, though...let me know and I will send you my address....I will be back online Monday afternoon.
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Send me your address!

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Okay....I e-mailed it to you!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

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Okay, I received your address and am preparing the compact disk tonight. I'll let you know (here) when it's on its way!

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Thank you, Joe!
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Your compact disk is winging its way to you, even as we speak!


By the way, what has happened to Blue? I sent her a compact disk last week and have yet to hear from her. She seems to have vanished from the message board, too.

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they had to replace my motem on my computer here at work & now I have a cd burner!!!

so I'm going to start making cds! since I'm in the music business I get a lot of stuff that never sees commercial airplay that I fall in love with so I'm excited about spreading the !!!!!!!

now I just need someone here to show me how to do it....

anyone who's interested in my mix PM me or post here

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i'm so jealous !!!

but, yes, i definitley would appreciate a c.d. from you !

i'll see what i can do to return the gesture.

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colby, I really want a CD from you! And you too, Blue!!!!! Although I cn't send you all one back, since the only guy i knew with a burner was Brooke's boyfriend, ( my stepdaughter) and they just broke up!
But if you all want to hear just a sample of the music I love....I can give you a name and a title....then you can download it, and listen to it....one of my absolute favorite songs is called "Feelin' Love" by Paula Cole.
This song relaxes me, puts me in a very sexy mood, and just in general makes me feel good.... Let me know if you listen to it!!!!
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ok, I'm still tinkering around with the cd burning thing. I was able to put 3 songs down but now it won't take anymore. I will conquer this thing though. Mr.Cat, I got you PM & as soon as I figure it out you will be getting a cd. and of course Katie & Debby! (any anyone else who wants one. it's going to be hot, I promise that!)
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Don't hurry on my account! I'll be happy to get your compact disk, whenever it comes. By the way, I want to send you "my" compact disk; but I need an address!

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