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Music Exchange?!

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so, i thought the idea of a c.d./tape trade was a good one, what does everyone else think?

i'd love to burn some c.d.'s of my favourite music and send them out,
and recieve one in return

anyone else interested?

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I'm not sure that anyone else would like what I listen to
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i thought that too, but, that's also kind of the point!!

to expand our musical horizons, and also see what everyone else loves
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come on, who's interested?!

it will be fun
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I don't have access to a cd burner, but if I can figure something out, I'm in
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hey, tapes are allowed too
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Blue....I don't have a Cd burner...

But, I would LOVE to listen to whatever music YOU like!!!
It would make us closer, I think!!!!!!!!
So if you want to send it to me, that would be great!!! However, I don't know how on earth I could send you mine...since I have no CD burner.

My stepdaughters boyfriend (he is 17) made me a CD from his burner, of all the songs I asked him to "burn"

thing is.. I only just have the one CD that he burnt for me, with alot of my "fav" songs on it...

but how do I send that to you Blue???????????

'puter dummy here.
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well, Debby, you can also just make me a tape

i dont want you to send me the only copy of your favourite c.d.

i was thinking i would just mail it to you, and whoever else is

it means a lot to me that you are interested in that.
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maybe your stepdaughters boyfriend can burn a copy of your 'favorites' for Blue?
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you might just be surprised at the music i send.

i truly believe it's saved my life, time & time again.

and if you open your Soul to it, it will help you too.

i will probaly send you a dozen different c.d.'s, knowing me
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Colby, Shannon, JadeKitty, Anne, Catarina, Deb, Darlene, illusion and EVERYONE else,
i would make c.d.'s for all of you if you'd like them, and listen to them, you dont have to send me anything in return.

it's a joy to me to do it, to share.
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I would DEFINITLY be interested in what you guys listen to. I have some favorite stuff that is somewhat obscure that means a lot to me & I love to turn my friends (like you guys!) onto it. I will work on it this weekend.
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i think it's so much fun making c.d.'s/tapes, it's like an art all on it's own

i get so wrapped up in it, i could do it for days
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I like to do it also, but sometimes I get so caught up in wanting to make it 'perfect', like wanting the music flow to be seamless and tell a story that I have to stop. I have to stop agonizing over it so much!
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i know exactly what you're saying, Colby, i am the same way!

it can sometimes take 5 hrs just to make one c.d. - and i usually
end up making 2-4 c.d.'s, so that's about 15-20hrs
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Okay....Colby and Blue....

I would LOVE to listen to your music!!!!!!!!!!!

I will ask Cale ( Brooke my step-daughters boyfriend) if he could make me a copy of the CD that he burned for me, with all my favorites on it, but if he can't....I still would love to hear you guys's favorites...and maybe I could convert... "D
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sounds wonderful to me! My mind is already racing, thinking about what songs I want to put on.......
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that's great

Debby & Colby (and whoever else wants a c.d.) just PM me your mailing addresses

and i will get right on it this weekend

are you using your computer from home this weekend, Colby?
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normally I wouldn't be on, but right now my boyfriend Robert is asleep. He fell asleep right after dinner. If he was awake he would be playing Everquest or Ashrons Call! He could wake up at any minute so I don't know how much time I have left......

I usually check in saturday & sunday mornings (because I wake up first) but it is RARE for me to be online on a friday night (and not b/c I have a life!)
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Sure, blue, if you send me a CD I will send you one back. It may take me awhile though because those songs I don't have as mp3 format have to be ripped from my CD's, the burned onto a CD (I just got my burner not too long ago so if you know an easier way to do it, please let me know!)
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what is that in your avatar?!?!

an animal of some kind?!

it's driving me crazy that i cant figure it out


what character name does your boyfriend play under? i play AC too,
i wonder if i've met him in-game?! that's crazy

when does he leave?
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Originally posted by blue

what is that in your avatar?!?!

an animal of some kind?!

it's driving me crazy that i cant figure it out

*lol* It's a cat's eye and part of it's nose. I just manipulated it and put it in a grid. See this thread to see the original picture:
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okay, anyone who is interested is going to have to PM or email me
addresses to which i can send these to

they arent going to be ready yet, but, within the next week or two.

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I'd love to receive a compact disk of your favorite music! I would, of course, send you a compact disk of my favorite music in return.


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i got your email - i plan on making them while i am away in Victoria,
my brother has a burner, and then if i dont finish them while i'm there
i'll finish them when i get back - my roomate's mom has a burner and
she lives a block up the street

so, give me 2 weeks

thanks for the reciprocation, i'll look forward to hearing your favourite music as well -
i know there will be a lot of bjork - which is fine by me - i own every album
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I'm afraid I would drive you all as crazy as I make my husband. He loves jazz and rock. I love opera and classical. Needless to say, we don't spend time together listening to music!
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I'll confine the compact disk to one Björk Guðmundsdóttir tune plus one tune from each of several other artists. Honest!

I'm thinking . . . Cat Power, Hole, Jack Off Jill. . . .

We shall see, eh?

Oh, by the way, don't forget to send me your postal-service address at some point.

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do you listen to KNRK?

I have a very good friend who works there.
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No, I don't. The only radio station I listen to is KBPS-FM, which plays classical music. I've eschewed "popular" radio stations for several years, not so much because of their play lists but because of their endless yammering and put-downs.

However, I'd like to know more about KNRK — such as its format and the degree to which its announcers indulge in defamation. I'm somewhat bitter about that sort of thing, having had a friend who was the target of local-yokel (and national) vomit-radio slander.

Forgive me for expressing these feelings! You were merely asking a simple question and I've turned it into a discussion about the media.

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it's a modern rock station, and if anyone in town was going to play Bjork it would be them. just from some of the music that you have mentioned (hole...etc) i thought you might listen to them.

I've never actually heard the station since I'm never been the portland. my friend is the program director there.
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