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Pregnant Cat

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We aquired 2 cats and the female is pregnant. Her brother won't leave her alone. He's always trying to play with her and at times he's very rough with her. She growls and hisses at him but he doesn't get the message ( i think he's brain damaged, most guys would get the clue ). How can we get him to leave her alone? I'm afraid that his rough housing with her may prevent her from going into labor. She does have one place that she can go to be safe from him, but he's learning that she can't get away from him there.

Also I think her delivery is getting closer as she has become more affectionate and wants to be close (or maybe she knows that her brother can't bother her when she's with us). She also gets sensitive when you try to touch her tummy or try to hold her.
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We had to rehome a male recently due to just this problem. I don't have any creative solutions, but I sure do sympathize with you. For us, it worked out that a friend fell in love with our little man and he now lives with her. I hope you can work something out to give mama some peace.
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Seperate them! Put them in different rooms, if you want her to pick her own spot to deliver in than put him in a room... Or vice versa! Someone more knowledgable should be along shortly.... WELCOME TO TCS!!!
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I"m assuming the brother IS neutered???? If not, get him done now - an unneutered male can take up to 2 months to be "clean" so the females cannot get pregnant. And if he's allowed with her he can mate with her while she is nursing kittens.

IMO I'd keep the brother completely away from her. Give her a room by herself or in a very large crate/kennel, where she will feel more relaxed and less stress.
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