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We lost our cat ... in our own house.

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Yea. Thats right. We can't find one of our own cats in our own house.

He's a cat we rescued about a week or so ago, right of the road. We got him from the vets on wendsday, and so far, he's been in a shower we never use; it has sliding glass doors, so he can't get out and run around and hurt his leg, which is injured.
My mom's been keeping the doors to the shower cracked open a little, not only so he can see outside alittle, but so the heat from a heater we've been using to keep the room warm can blow into the shower.
Anyway mom came into the bathroom today and ...
He's not there. He's not anywhere in the bathroom. He's not anywhere, period!
We've looked all over the house; up stairs, down stairs, in the basement, under beds, chairs, couches, tables, everything!
It's like he just disappeared out of thin air!
We know he couldn't of gone outside; there's simply no way he could have; the only he could have gotten out was when my dad went to work today, and he would have seen him!

Argh. We just don't know what to do; we HAVE to find him. Not only do we need to take him to the vets today to get his bandages changed!
Not only that, but I'm going to worry myself sick if we don't.

Oh man. Please; is there anything we can do to find him? Anything at all?
I mean, he couldn't have just disappeared!
... right?
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Is he wearing any kind of ID? My cat got outside and wasn't noticed.
When I came home, she ran in.
Cats are excellent at finding hiding places. I have looked for mine and not always found them. After a while, they just seem to appear!
To be on the safe side, I would alert the neighbors to look for this cat.
A microchi9p is a good idea.
Good luck.
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Have you tried a really tasty treat to lure him out - something stinky and fishy like human tuna?
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Or what about vacuuming through the whole house and in crevices to scare him out?
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Also, are there any open grates or cupboards he could have snuck into in the bathroom? And try what AddieBee said...something smelly could very possibly do the trick and lure him out of his hiding spot.
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One of my cats used to go into the airing cuboard upstairs and i didnt know the floorboard in there had a hole in it until i heard her running between the floor and the ceiling upstairs it was a tiny hole but she managed to sqeeze through it , i would check all small holes also turn all your sound off in the house radio ect and listen to see if you can hear him moving about . i hope you find him
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Hey everyone, thanks for the advice.

We've tried all of it; mom ran the vacuum, and we have looked everywhere, in every corner, and under everything. Twice.
We threw some food on the floor in the basement, and nothing happened.
My mom doesn't think he's going to come, so she wont put his wet food out.
We turned everything off when we were looking, but we heard nothing.
We even looked in the attic(How he could possibly get up there, I don't know), but we found nothing.
He just cant be in the house; it doesn't seem possible!
But how could he get out side? My dad WOULD have seen him, no doubt about it.
We're about ready to give up.
We don't know what we're going to tell the vets.

This has only happened once before, with one of our cats, fuzzy. We looked everywhere. Inside, outside, and we didn't find him. And then we were all in my room and all of the sudden, he walked right in, looking at up like nothing had happened.
Maybe this is just like that time?
Maybe he's just a REALLY good hider ...
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Have you tried the Closet. Years ago I was going crazy looking for Patches and she was in the closet under all the Clothes.
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Yep, we've looked in them all; the one downstairs, the one in my parents bedroom, and my room. He's not in any of them. I wish he was ...

Oh, and my mom called the vets office; they said to put some foor out, so she did. Hopefully he'll go to it.
Also, he deffinitly didn't go outside; my mom called my dad and he Oliver (Thats the cats name) didn't run out; I'm glad for that.
Anyway, hopefully we find him soon.
Thanks for all the help.
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I lost Cow for something like 4 days once. I knew he was inside, but I didn't have a clue where. He'll turn up....I just hope soon so he can get his vet work taken care of!
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Cats are so good at hiding - mine still have places I don't know about. Chances are he is frightened and hurt, and in a very small place. Put smelly food in each room and leave him alone, keeping quiet for a number of hours. He will only get more scared if there is a hullaballoo going on. I am sure he will turn up.
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Try under the beds, inside the box spring. I had kittens that tore the lining on the bottom of the box spring and got inside it. So when I just looked under the beds, they were no where to be found.

I was searching for them, and here all this time I thought they had found a time warp

I hope he turns up, paws crossed for you.... it is so easy for them to hide in plain sight and just not be seen too.
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Chloe still has places to hide that I don't know of, and I live in a tiny 2BR apartment. Cats can fit in spaces you don't think they could fit in.

Chloe can fit in really small drawers in the kitchen, she was stuck in there for a little while the other day and we had no idea. She fits under the couch too somehow, I have no idea how she manages to do that.

Matilda likes to hide in the dryer, could the cat be in there?

Do any windows in the house have holes in the screens?

Could he have gotten in the garage somehow?

If you haven't alredy, look behind TVs, in dresser drawers, under clothes in the closet, laundry baskets, in the cabinets in the bathroom, etc.

The food thing is the only thing I can think of, but make sure it's very smelly food like human tuna. Dry food might not do the trick.

I hope you find him!
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Hey, guess what! We found him!
He was under the couch! ... ... ... Which we looked under several times.

He must have gone under there when my parents were out; I was in my room, so I wouldn't have noticed him.
:] We're so glad that he's okay.
It took us a moment to catch him, as he ran out from under the couch when my parents were moving it (I was suppost to toss a towel over him and grab him). He ran into the kitchen, and my parents and I went and stood in the two entrancesl; it's a good thing I closed the basement door, or it would have taken longer to get him.
Anyway, he ran right into my and the towel I had, and we were bale to take ihm upstairs.

Again, we are just so happy we got him! We had pretty much given up!

Thanks for all the advice, by the way! We really appreciate it!
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What a relief! They do scare us sometimes, don't they? I hope he makes a full recovery very soon.
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I have "lost" our cat in our house several times. I can't believe how well he can hide out in plain sight! I have searched the whole house, only to have him walk up to me and say, "Uh, what's up, dude?"

The only dependable way I've found to find them is to rattle their wet-food saucers in the kitchen!
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I have "lost" our cat in our house several times. I can't believe how well he can hide out in plain sight! I have searched the whole house, only to have him walk up to me and say, "Uh, what's up, dude?"
I have two formerly feral cats who are extremely lovey with me, but -anyone- else even walks into the house, and *poof*, they disappear.

I had found all of their regular hiding spots, but one week, I could just NOT. FIND. THEM. A day went by, there was an awful smell in my living room. and I was really starting to worry.. until I heard movement in the couch.

This is how I found out that the lining that covers the bottom of the couch had a tiiiiny little hole in it, and they had CLIMBED IN MY COUCH.

Since they had frequently, and for semi-long lengths of time been climbing in there, it was horrible when I pulled the rest of the lining off. This has resulted in me removing the legs from all my furniture - this way, they can't get underneath them, and then inside them
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