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funny story about my furbabes

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Hi everyone, i have had a funny occurence with my babes and naturally you were the first ones i thought to tell.

So today i thought since it wasn't raining i would take them both out for a while and let them explore . I had not realised that one of the neighbours cats was hiding outside at the time. I got their harness' on - Indie sat at the door waiting for it to be opened, Ember scaled my leg as i obviously was two slow When we got outside, the other cat came out from his hiding place, Ember sniffed him a little then walked off to play in the dirt - as she often does - Indie moved closer to me. The other tom hissed at Indie who then got frightened puffed his tail out, widen his eyes and hid behind me. Ember - his bodyguard - ran at the poor tom making a growling sound then spat at him. The tom flew over the wall and onto next doors green house. Ember then hit Indie on the head as if telling him off for being a whimp!!!!

What makes this story even more amusing is that the Ember is half Indie size and the tom is smaller than Indie but bulkier than Ember. now when i take them out Indie stays very close to his "protector" ... just in case
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I think Ember bopped Indie cuz he made her do all the work in chasing the interloper away.

You go Ember!
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very possible she can be very moody when she wants to be Indie is more a lover then a fighter lol
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Oliver does something similar. If he sees another cat at the living room window, he'll hiss and growl until the interloper leaves. Then he goes and beats up Rocky, like it's his fault the other cat showed up!
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I felt like a complete idiot last Sunday night.
My SO has started letting the cats out, and since they don't leave the yard, I let them out when I can watch them. I got home and there sat an orange tabby on the front porch. Scooter was supposed to be inside and I was furious for his sneaky little butt getting out when I was not home. I chased him down, cornered him on the carport, and grabbed him, tucked this squirming, howling cat under my arm, and managed to get the door unlocked and get inside. There sat Scooter in his usual greeting spot, and I had caught another orange cat. I was so stunned I let go of him, and he went to the door and looked at me, and howled like, "let me out, you lunatic." I think it was the same cat I chased through the bushes at midnight a few months ago. I still can't believe I actually ran him down and caught him. My neighbors are going to have me carted off to the loony bin one day. Haven't seen the cat since.
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