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Georgia's at the vet....

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Just got back from taking Georgia to be spayed. Finally. We were trying to save her the stress of being spayed, then moving, but it just could not wait any longer. She was a very unhappy baby, but she is in good hands, and I know she wil be fine. Fred is looking all over for his little partner in crime, so I have another unhappy kitty. The last time I took his friend away, he didn't come back. That was Leo. He has become very attatched to Georgia since then, and is very upset. Pearl is trying to comfort him. I can pick her up at 4, so 6 hours of crying kitty should be plenty nerve wracking! Wish me luck!
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Krazy Kat2 - sorry you have to put your Georgia through so much stress at once, but I'm sure you're doing the right thing.

Poor Fred! Just keep telling him Georgia will be back soon. Pearl's a good girl.

Hope everything goes well and smoothly - our thoughts are with you and Georgia (and Fred!)

Extra scritches to Fred from me,

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I'm sure little Georgia will be OK. Sending positive energy to her, just to make sure.

Poor Fred! He's got to be so confused right now, but his friend will be back shortly. Just keep telling him that. Pearl is such a sweet little girl, so thoughtful for her to comfort Fred.
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Awwww...cats are so cute. Fred will be fine, just wear some earplugs till you bring Miss Georgia back!

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Georgia is back home and doing fine. Fred went nuts when I opened the door to the carrier. He sniffed all around her, then washed her little face. She's still very goofy, but is wobbling around. He is following her around like a worried papa. I am so glad this is finally over. I put it off much too long.
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glad georgia is okay. fred is such a sweetie to be so concerned.
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Glad Georgia is back home, and Fred is a happy boy again. What a little love he is!!
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Ditto what Heidi said! It's so sweet that Fred loves her so much!!! Thanks for sharing that part of the story too.
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Fred is a great papa cat. He has raised every kitten I have ever brought home. He has even brought a couple home, himself. I had to leave them for him to find, and he would take them in. First a little lesson in pecking order, a bath, them a trip to the food bowl and the litter box. He has raised Georgia since she was about 4 weeks old, and I picked her up off the side of the road. Someone threw her from a moving car.
She is doing well this evening. She has eaten, pottied, and is sleeping on my sweat pants.
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I'm happy Georgia is recovering well. And Fred sounds like a great papa cat... that's just too sweet!
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Yeah Georgia! She can't help but get better with a momma like you and a friend like Fred.
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