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Penny came into my bedroom!

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Ms. Princess Penny has been quite peeved with me ever since I added Max to our household. Well, honestly, she's been peeved with me ever since last May, when I took her from the only home she'd ever known (her breeder's.)

She actually gave me quite a bit of extra 'tude for the last couple of months since I adopted her nephew, and only recently started being nice to me again (coming to me for petting, showing me her belly, etc.)

She's never been one to come into my bedroom - that space has been off limits to her, through her own choice: Max and Ferris and Ginger will all sleep on my bed with me, sometimes one at a time, sometimes all three. But Penny would always stop just outside the doorway.

However, since I set up that cat wheel last week, Penny has been loving up on me every day, granting me with her purry presence, and last night surprised the heck out of me by jumping up on my bed after I'd laid down to go to sleep!

I mumbled a sleepy welcome to her, and to my great pleasure, she decided to curl up on my bathrobe at the foot of my bed!

She didn't stay too long, but even that short little visit was a HUGE step forward for her, and I'm so happy that she's feeling happy again!

I just wanted to share this rare event - I feel so blessed today! I hope it continues!!!
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Sounds like she is very thankful for that wheel!
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The wheel cures all wounds.
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Aww! That's so sweet!
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Yay for Penny!
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Thats awesome!

I have a new a cat and establishing trust takes patience on my part. I just want to squeeze him!
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Maybe the wheel is provided much needed stress relief for her. That is great that she is dropping her guard more.
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Awww, yaaay! Good for you guys. I'm glad everyone's getting back to happy. (Well, she's back to happy, and you just don't have to deal with anymore kitty 'tude haha)

She's probably been working off a lot of nervous/stress related energy on that new wheel.
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Oh I know that reaction all too well.

It's good to know she's warming back up!
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That is great news! If that were me, I would feel blessed also

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So happy for you!
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Ya!! I'm soo happy she's making such good progress
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Awwww thats great!
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