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Kyra caught the Squirl!

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Kyra is our about to be 1 year old Lab/Malimute mix and she runs like a bat out of you know where.
Well today the Squirl was sitting on the window ledge antagonizing her most of the morning, and Kyra was of course haveing a nutty fit. About 1hour later Dad took the garbage out and Kyra went with him.
Well she took off like a lunatic and ended up cornering the squirl, the poor little thing is hissing like a cat and screaming. I have never heard the like of it. So mom runs out and grabs Kyra.
But the poor little squirl must have been having a tiny little Anurism and ended up falling over dead. I can't believe Kyra scared the life out of the poor little thing.
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OMG, I didn't even know that could happen! Dying of fright! The poor little thing
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I know I felt soo bad, so mr squirl is now in a ziplock in the freezer in order to be burried with some respect in the spring among the other animals in our pet cemetary... It's the least he deserves I think.
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I understand your intentions, but don't ya think he deserves a better place than the freezer?
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RIP Mr Squirl!!
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Awww poor squirrely! I used to care for a dog who was a Golden Retriever mix who would chase anything that moved... He once caught a squirrel and was biting at it, I was able to make him let it go though and it ran away, seemed to be ok... Another time I had him in my backyard and he ran under my porch, caught a baby possum and killed it.
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