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dry food rotation

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does anyone rotate the dry food they feed? I have been feeding Wellness Complete Health and prior to that Wellness Kitten Formula. Jassie likes it, Macy eats its it when she is really hungry. Just wondering if I should be giving variety to dry food as well as their wet.
Oh! One other, kind of unrelated question.....
Does anyone else have a cat that is finicky about treats? I thought a treat is a treat no matter what!
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I know Zoey likes a rotation or having two at once .... just intro slowly any new drys
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I give a mix of dry but rotate the wet.
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I think its good to mix it up a bit, rotate foods. Not only will this give them a variety for their palate but you have other foods you can fall back on and know they like and are used to eating in case your store happens to run out of one kind.
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Riley eats 2 brands of dry mixed. It is always California Natural for the one (because he likes it, and does well on it), and the other changes every few months. I'm getting ready to change him from a CN/Nutro mix to a CN/Nature's Variety Instinct grain-free mix. His wet is rotated daily between 3 brands, with an occasional different brand or flavor thrown in.
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Yes, I constantly mix and match what I feed. Like Javern said, it's great to have cats that will eat other things and not get hung up on one flavor or one food. Especially since I have foster cats I adopt out. I've been through the picky eater phases with a few of my cats in the past and often times the rescues that come in. And it's just plain irratating.

I feed mainly wet, in which case, I use Chicken Soup, Eagle Pack, Wellness, and Felidae. I do keep dry on hand for snacks, and also if I'm in a hurry, or a family member feeds the pack for me, it's just easier for them to give dry. I actually keep a mix ready that has (at the moment) Wellness, Felidae, and (lol) about 4 lbs of Iams sensitive stomach mixed it b/c I had a coupon and got it for $2.
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I have a rotation for stoli because he's so picky - if he eats something 3 times in a row - he won't eat it ever again. We've almost run out of options so we're real careful of what we give him. It doesn't help that he'll only eat stuff smothered in gravy.
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I constantly rotate dry food. I always have 3 different brands going (currently Natural Balance, Innova and Nutro), and Jamie stops eating a brand after about three months, so it's sent "on vacation" for several months, and replaced with something else. He'll eat a brand no more than twice a week, and I give him a mix of all three on Sundays.

Luckily he's not as picky about changing his wet food all the time, so I can basically stick to his beloved almo nature in several different flavors, and throw in a few other brands for variety.

I have to rotate treats, too.
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I rotate & mix dry - I am feeding now at the moment Nutro max
and chicken soup for cats. I have tried many other dry's as wells
in different combinations, normally mix 2 at a time.
I do mix wet also, currently FF, Sheba
and Natural balance - basically whetever I can find she will eat.
I would hate to eat the same thing everyday, so why should my cat!
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I keep the same dry but rotate the wet. I'm too afraid of diarreah issues and I don't feed dry that often anyway. Chloe eats Nutro Natural Indoor Kitten and Matilda eats Natural Balance Duck & Green Pea.

Between the 2 of them, I have many brands of wet food right now in my house: Wellness, Nutro Max, Nutro Natural, Chicken Soup, Natural Balance, Merrick, a few Meow Mix pouches, Fancy Feast (treat), By Nature Organics, & Avoderm. I try to vary their wet food so they don't get picky. Matilda is not as picky about wet food as Chloe.

I rotate treats but always have some freeze-dried pieces of chicken around because I sprinkle the dust on Chloe's wet food to get her to eat more of it.
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I would stick to one brand of dry food. It causes more problems and tummy upsets to switch them around. If you want variety, then buy 2 different kinds and mix them together.

As far as treats, Ling is a picky cat around treats. Charlie will eat just about anything you offer him. And if Ling doesn't eat her treat or is too slow about it, then Charlie will steal it from her
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I rotate with my cat and dog.

The idea behind rotating is that no one food can truly be 100 percent complete and balanced to meet the exact needs of all cats . AAFCO gives ranges for the allowable/necessary amounts of most nutrients. Brand A may be within the AAFCO guidelines for a certain nutrient, but on the very low side of the range. And on another nutrient it may be within the range but on the very high side. Over a long period of time, this might not be a very good thing. The cat might not get enough of the first nutrient, and too much of the other one.
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I've started mixing in Blue Spa Select CHICKEN & BROWN RICE FORMULA with the Wellness Complete Health. They have been picking around the Wellness to get to the new stuff! Jassie and Macy LOOOOVE it!
Anyone else ever use this brand? I haven't seen much buzz about it in the forums.
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Originally Posted by JandM View Post
I've started mixing in Blue Spa Select CHICKEN & BROWN RICE FORMULA with the Wellness Complete Health. They have been picking around the Wellness to get to the new stuff! Jassie and Macy LOOOOVE it!
Anyone else ever use this brand? I haven't seen much buzz about it in the forums.
not yet I picked up a bag of the high protein dog today
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