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Are my dates wrong???

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I am pretty sure that Nemo is going to have her kittens any time now but can someone with more knowledge then me confirm if I have my dates correct. Nemo made the great escape on Dec. 22 in the afternoon and didn't return home until Dec. 25, first thing in the morning. I have been going on the assumption that she probably mated within the first day of getting out so I have been going by Dec. 23. Here is how I have been figuring out the dates:

Dec. 23 - Dec. 31 = 9 days
Jan. 1 - Jan. 31 = 31 days
Feb. 1 - Feb. 22 = 22 days

This puts us at day 62 today. From everything I have read a cat's average gestation is 63 days. I thought for sure the past couple of days she was going to go at anytime. Maybe this was too early??? Here temp since Wednesday has been between 99.0 and 99.7. I guess I could still have a few more days of waiting.
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I guess she could have mated later, anywhere between the 22nd through the 25th, so you could have a few more days.
I really do not know anything about cat gestation though. Good luck with mama and kittens to be.
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Normal time is 63 - 68 days. Once in awhile you might get a day or two early or later. She will probably have them this weekend.

Even if she got out on the 22 and returned on the 25 - she could have mated on 24 or 25th and therefore she's just about ready
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I have your Cat due Sunday. She can have anytime between 59 and 70 Days though. Have you checked her temp to see if it dropped yet? I am going by Dec 22 though.
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Her temp has been between 99.0 and 99.7 since Wednesday.
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Do you know what her normal temp is? My old Cats temp is always 98 and 97 when she goes to the Vet.
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Hmmm... My kitties temp is normally right around 100-101.... so maybe my kitties are different then yours!

Do you have a baseline temp to go by??
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Coco dosent have normal temps. Her temp is always low. Its been for years.
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I don't really have a baseline temp to go by. On Tuesday her temp was 100.5 so it has definatley gone done since then but I don't have anything consistant to go by.
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Be sure and keep a close eye on her though. I once fostered a pregnant dog... she acted like she was going into labor and her temperature was around 99 for three days. I finally took her to the vet to make sure everything was ok and they x-rayed her. She ended up having to have a c-section because the puppies were too big to come out. So if her temperature stays low and nothing is happening you may want to have her checked out, just to be safe.
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Coco was late when she had Kittens. The Vet told me around July 25th and she had Aug 1 Moving Day. She had the Utrasound when she was a bout a month Preg. That was her only litter.
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