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sleepy time

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Thread Starter little boy...
isn't he cute????
first ..he kneads the blanket

and then he crawled under it...
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Awwww bless him That's something Jack would do before he falls asleep
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Aaaaawwwwwww!!!! That is just soooo sweeeeeet!
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How precious! Thats the cutest thing! He looks so happy
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aww! that is sooo sweet
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Awww, he is a sweetie!
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Awww, what a snuggly sweety
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What a sweet little baby boy!
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what a beauty he is adorable

My fur babes live on - and in - their blankets. They must be very comfy?!
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yes he's a sweetie...but also a little mischief maker..but he looks angelic when then again..I look angelic when sleeping..and thats the only
he loves that does my baby girl..must be the fact its a mink blanket..both of them love to knead it.
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Oh thats so cute!! Such a sweet boy!
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What a cutiepie...
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