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How Many Cats Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

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"Look Ma, I'm swinging from the ceiling fan. Wanna hand me a light bulb?"

Get a Trapeze and I'll help the Abyssinian!"

"But I might get my paws dirty. Then I wouldn't be sacred!"

"Hey that was my tail! Someone should change that light bulb before I get hurt!"

"While you're at it, would you mind turning off the sun? I'm trying to nap here."

Egyptian Mau:
"I am a GOD! I do not change light bulbs, now worship me in the dark and maybe I'll let you have light!"

Feral cats
"HISSSSSSS! Spat Growl! Drop the food and walk away slowly, You can do it yourself when I'm done eating!"

"Oh knock it off and just change the damn bulb"

Maine Coon
"Leave that light off, I'm napping!"

"Yeah right, do I look like I can change a light bulb? When are these legs of mine going to grow?"

"Hang on while I chase this parked car...OUCH!"

Ragdoll and Ragamuffin:
"Shut up and pet me!"

"Why? I can talk in the dark too!"

"Hmmm...I so pretty I will light up the room with my little face"

Snowshoe: "I'll tend to it after I eat and take my nap"

"After I'm done. I'll oil wax the floor and couch!"

"Hey! Watch me stick my paw in this! It makes my hair stand on end"

Turkish Van:
"Hurry up! I'm scared of the dark" or "Don't fix it! I'm scared of my shadow!"
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Being owned by a Tonkinese I can honestly say that he resembles that remark.
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....I never see before!.......
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Never having owned a purebred (or feral, for that matter) cat I have no idea how much the remarks "work" for them, but it sure is funny! Definitely saving it!!
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I loved the Turkish Van!
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Thank you for sharing that! I'm still giggling over here!
My favorites are the Egyptian Mau, Ferals, Korat, & Tonkinese!
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OK, the Feral is totally dead on. The Siamese is too true, they can talk in the dark. t I've always wondered if Jordan had a little Abby in him, not I'm almost positive!
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Thanks for sharing that!

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So cute!
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