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Please pray for Indie :(

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Please could the good people of TCS pray for my boy. I noticed he was unwell last night, not eating(not even his precious bicuits!) didn't go out..just very lethargic, glazed eyes and dry nose.

Took him to the vet and he has a kidney infecion, he has a very very high temprature and the vet said he is one sick little boy he has to stay in all night (for now) he has to have a drip to flush his kidney, blood tests and a urine check to see the damage....the vet said most kidneys can be treated, but there are some that cannot and frankly I'm scared to death he'll die. I tried to take on board what the vet said but I was sobbing so much, has anyone else gone through this? any advice welcome, and prayers of course.

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Praying for you and Indie to make it through this hard time.
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Prayers for Indie and you. Please keep us posted.
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Thank you catpapa, I'll know more after 2pm. I just hope he isn't stressed he's never been away from me or his home overnight or his sister (who is distressed as she can't find him) I hope it doesn't bring him further down, though I think he said he'd give him something to calm him.

Thank you jamasmom,sorry just saw your post
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The waiting is SO hard sometimes. But rest asured, he's in a place that can take care of him, no matter what happens. That always made me feel better. Please let us know as soon as you hear anything.
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Positive thinking...prayers for Indie..
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Oh the poor baby!! It's 1.p.m now so you havent got long to wait, but sending lots of mega healthy over for Indie
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Lots of get well soon vibes!
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I understand why you are upset and scared for Indie.
A diagnosis like this can be a shock.

TCS has a sticky thread where members, who's kitties are having kidney issues, can share info about this complicated disease. I suggest that you take the time to scan the whole thread and follow some of the links posted, that led to other sites with excellent info. about labs, diet and treatment options.


I invite you to post about Indie in that thread too...
Sending lots of healing vibes to Indie and calming thoughts your way.
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Thank you guys he's only 3 yers old so hopefully age will be on his side, and you're right the waiting, especially when alone is awful!
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Best of luck to both of you..........
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Thank you xocats, much appreciated, and many thanks to everyone else, Susan thank you for the gift sweetie mwah.
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You and Indie are both in my prayers.
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I hope the news is good and that INdie is home soon. It is so awful when our babies are sick, but it is great that you obviously noticed it early on - it gives him the best chance possible.
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Still no news, rang the vets but the vet is in theatre so will have to call m later. The nurse could only tell me Indie isn't stressed, he's sleeping, on the drip and is warm and has food and water.
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Sending more healing vibes Indie's way.
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Ok he's rang!

He said he has pancreatitis(sp?) but he also does have a problem with his kidney...he has pain relief and obviously still on the drip but responding well and is quite content.

The good news is the blood sample shows no damage or anything very abnormal and kidneys are functioning well In reply to my question will he be ok, I was told he will be fine..will know more in due course about pancreatitis, but with antibiotics hopefully all will be well......the vet did add that Indie is content, but he said I need to now be at that level too with a laugh, he saw my blubbering self in his surgery

Will let you know more when I do...but thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart
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I am so glad that Indie's kidneys are functioning well.

After doing a google search, I read that Pancreatitis can be acute or chronic (acute cases can reverse completely)...

Soon your sweetie pie will be back in your loving arms.
Thanks for keeping us updated.
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Awwwww excellent!!! I love it when we hear some good news

I've heard of pancreatitis?. Must do a google on it like Lei.

Lots more healing for good measure
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Hooray! What great news.

And by the way, you weren't waiting alone. We were waiting too ya know.
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Best wishes to Indie for a speedy recovery. Sounds like you have a good vet - and now you take care of yourself so you can take care of Indie!
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Sending all my best to you and Indie and Minx.
Hopefully he'll be home soon and you and Minx can relax.
May I suggest you read up on pancreatitis so you know what to expect? Then ask the vet every question you can think of--and remember, no question is too silly.
(((BIG HUGS)))
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for both you and for Indie's full recovery
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Hi everyone...

My boy came home yesterday! I got loads of loving from him and vice versa! He has two little bald patches where he was shaved and I have been told it possibly could flare up again but only a possiblity, the vet said he is well again and a very friendly boy.

His time away from home hasn't fazed him one little bit, and he went straight to his precious biscuits lol. Minx on the other hand is acting weird! She was quiet and looking all over for him while away, now he's back she has been hissing and growling at him and even weird with me! she's been sulky too and we haven't left her out we have paid her as much atention as him. I can only assume because he smells different?...about an hour ago she did lick him so I hold out hope she now knows it is her brother! and peace will commence!

Thank you all so much again for your thoughts and prayers for us, It meant so much through a heartbreaking time.
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Minx reaction to Indie was not unusual.
She was smelling all of the scents from the vet's.

Way to go Indie.
Keep it up sweetie.
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So glad to hear that Indie is home and doing well. He looks a lot like my little Forrest.
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so glad to hear that indie is doing well and his sister is just reacting to the different smells. i bathed my collie on saturday and both the kittens fluffed their tails up at him until they worked out it was dylan!

lots of special black cat healing vibes for indie
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That's great that Indie's back home again. Rosie hisses every time i bring the other two back from the vet as well, but it's soon forgotten about
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Way to go Indie!
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Minx reaction to Indie was not unusual.
She was smelling all of the scents from the vet's.

That happens everytime I bring one of my babies home from the vet; it's nothing to worry about..

Your Indie looks so much like my Geronimo; he even has that little spot of white on his chest, just like Geronimo.

I'm glad to hear that Indie is doing better, and that his condition should be able to be treated. More blessings & vibes are headed your way.

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