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Tuesday DT

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Hi everyone!

Since I don't have as much time during the day to sneak over here...figured I'd begin the DT and check in later.

Not much going on except........I HAD A BATH LAST NIGHT!!!!! LOL
Who'd have thought I'd be excited about such a thing. Hubby finally got it up and running. it was close to midnight but, I think no matter what time it would have been, I'd have taken a bath anyways. Gone are my facecloth and sink full of water days. *whew* Hubby is a little disappointed cause he had to give up his bed (LOL - no more sleeping in the tub!<---see 'A Pricelss Moment' thread for details....hehehe)

Well, I am getting my boys and myself ready for school/work.

My vacation starts on friday. Be prepared....I will be here ALOT next week!!!! Wooohooo!

Have a great day everyone!

It is only -2 today. Compared to -36 (with the windchill) of yesterday, it feels like summer out there!
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Ghys, I'm glad that you've finally taken a bath. I'm sure that your coworkers are, too. Too bad, about hubby losing his bed, though. Maybe, you can fix up the old tub, for him.

Our brief spate of nasty weather seems to be moving out. Now, the yard will dry out and I won't have muddy pawprints, all over the patio. Bill cleaned the screen door, yesterday. There was mud, five feet up, from the dogs' paws.

Not much going on, today. I need to put gas in my car - OUCH! The cheapest, that I've seen is $1.75 a gallon.

Have a good one.
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LOL Cindy! I never thought about the old green tub! Good idea!!! And yep....been getting alot of 'smelly' jokes! But, HONEST! I have been washing!!! :LOL: Just like in the good old days! The only thing I was missing was having to boil my water first! Knock on wood......
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hi all....half asleep as i type this. long day yesterday and another long day today and tonight...oh tired just thinking about it.
went to sams last night and we went to olive garden for dinner, good food and now kahu is using my legs as a scratching board while i sit down here at the computer.
i just had the weirdest dream last night that i was caught in a landslide that just would not stop.
ive just discovered that kahu has chewed up my first scrapbook page. im too tired to be mad. hes already broken 2 of my pigs.....but dont worry i am still calm. he has a new name....little $h!t or in maori teko.

have a good day all
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<he has a new name....little $h!t>

Good morning, Kellye!

That's funny, Blondie has the same nickname! He is the one who steals bottlecaps and hair ties, tries to grab food off our plates, chews a hole in the cat food bag EVEN THOUGH the bowls are full... sigh.

He is such a typical little boy.
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yea...but i still love him....oh the things we do for our furbabies!
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Wheee...I am a free woman for two weeks! My BF left this AM to fly to California to visit his mother and grandmother. We had to get up at 4:30 AM because the shuttle van was scheduled to pick him up at 5:30. Zzzzz

So now it is me and the kitties for 2 weeks. Not looking forward to being the sole cleaner of the litter boxes for that long!
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Baby sitter is finally here so I am sitting down to do some work... We have two new outside cats whom I finally names Dudy and Sebastian, so our Gezer and Romeo are trying to adjust (Mishmish gave up on trying long time ago ). Nice having new kitties coming to my window sill as I work, but boy is the cat food disappearing fast!

My mother-in-law went for routine checks a couple of days ago and they found a lump in her breast and a cyst in one of her ovaries She is going to have another mammogram on Friday and according to the results they may have her do a biopsy... I'm really worried about that - she's 67 and a dear dear woman! I'll be praying for the tests to be ok...

Going to work on the course now - right after I sort through my receipts and get everything ready for my accountant to prepare the bi-monthly report
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anne - your mother in law is in my prayers.

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anne - i am really sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. i will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

today is tuesday: meeting day. i have about 1 minute before i need to go upstairs to our really loooong staff metting. ugh. oh well, makes the day go by quicker, i guess.

i will be back later.

good day to you all!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
.....he has a new name....little $h!t or in maori teko.

Actually, I think everyone has used that name for that cat at one time or another!

Ghys is right about the weather. We went from a windchill yesterday morning of -35C to a high of +3 today. Talk about a jolt to one's system. It does feel like summer! Toronto even asked people to turn off any extra electrical appliances because they were scared of a power shortage because of the cold!

I was finally able to breath last night! My cold/flu has finally started to depart from my body and I was able to sleep. Woohoo! I'm still slightly congested and have a cough but I can live with this.

Kiwi, it's no fair you went to The Olive Garden. It was one of my favourite restaurants and then they closed all of them in Ontario. I still don't know why because whenever I was at the restaurant they were busy!

But that's ok, since that made me search for new restarants and I found all the wonderful curried Indian foods and Thai restaurants!

Have a good one everybody!

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oh i love indian restaurants!!!! curry is my #1 fav food!
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Isn't it just the best thing! Yum!

Also wanted to mention that Nakita was not overlooked for the Meowhoo picture contest. She will be in a future contest, because they have so many entries!

Thank Hissy! I was just kidding before, and now Nakita can be happy again because she wasn't overlooked!

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Anne - tell your MIL that I will keep her in my prayers!

Well I am on my lunch. My trainees are doing well - they haven't run away yet! It is a lovely day in Toronto, but unfortunately we are expecting up to 20 centimetres of snow by tomorrow and it drifts in our driveway, so that should be fun to shovel. I am tired! Sugarly seems to be getting ready for behavioural problems again - she started with the early signs last night and I didn't sleep, because I kept thinking she was going to pee on the bed! We have upped her meds as per the vet's instructions and hopefully that will take care of the problem before it really gets started.

Hope everyone has a good day - I will try to check in again during my break!
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New computer system at work! Maybe today i might make it home sometime... today? Cant sleep ......pc will get me.
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Haven't got much time to post, taking Whisp to the vet in a bit. Plus, I had a wonderful surprise last night, my best buddy- is coming to see us on Thursday! I haven't seen her in 7 years! She has a job interview in Portland- she is looking to stop traveling- air travel makes her nervous these days, (wonder why?) So she is looking to relocate and if she gets this job instead of being back East, she will be only 3 hours from me! She is the one who lost her husband when she had a section of her breast removed because of breast cancer. John told her he wanted a "whole" woman, not half of one, slyly cleaned her out financially and took off for parts unknown! He was always so creepy!

Anne I will pray for you MIL-

And Kass- Nikita is gorgeous, and she will show up on the contest, I just can't tell you when. Last I counted we had 145 photographs submitted- so they go in date order...

Gotta go, please send up good prayers for Whisp, and for the poor vet who has to examine this wild cat!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
oh i love indian restaurants!!!! curry is my #1 fav food!

lamb mughali - yum!!! we have a fabulous indian restaurnat about 5 minutes from my house. it takes forever to get your food, but it's soooooo good. i also love naan bread.

(apologies if i spelled that wrong. i'm not sure how to spell it, but i sure know how to eat it.)
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Originally posted by hissy
She is the one who lost her husband when she had a section of her breast removed because of breast cancer. John told her he wanted a "whole" woman, not half of one, slyly cleaned her out financially and took off for parts unknown! He was always so creepy!

How sad!! But she's probably better off, even with less money, for him leaving. That husband is morally and spiritually worthless IMHO!

It was probably a gift in disguise!

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Originally posted by Auburn412

lamb mughali - yum!!! i also love naan bread.

I've never had lamb mughali, but I absolutely love naan!! I would love to build a Tandoori oven in my backyard, but then I would gain a billion pounds!!!

My ultimate favourite is Murg Makhni (chicken in a butter and tangy tomato sauce. Next time your out, try the Chana masala (chickpea with spice) and the Malai matar paneer (green peas, cottage cheese with tomato and cashew blend).

Oh great, now I want some indian!

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mmmmmmmmmmm... me too. i would love to learn to cook it, but i just don't think it would come out the same in a normal oven.
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Oooooh, you guys are making me drool. And here I am sitting at my computer eating a Budget Gourmet TV dinner.

Today won't be much fun. I have to write annual evaluations of our faculty. Luckily I have a great bunch of faculty in the department, but I still hate having to do this. -- Perhaps I will play on The Cat Site all day instead!
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if there is a fresh market near you, you can buy cans of patels curry sauce to cook with your chicken or meat - i buy those all the time.

dang im hungry for curry!
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I never had indian food.May someday I will try it.I do know I don;t like lamb. But I do like curry chicken.I make that at home.Other than that quit day here.I am getting a new :censor::censor::censor::censor:. today well not new but new to me.I was renting to own,but that cost to much!I got a 2 year old one for $208.00 90 day warrentry[sp].Have a good day! Warmer here today 30!!
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Of course we noticed you were gone Vikki! We just knew you weren't abducted by aliens because you TOLD us you were leaving.

I'm so glad Gui did well at Kitty Kamp. I know how worried you were about it.
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