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Eww she peed on me!

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Hi everyone! I am new here a friend recommended the site to me because I am having problems with one of my females. She is 2 years old spayed healthy cat. But about three weeks ago she started peeing on us. Just certian people mostly my husband, myself and my brother when he comes over. She backs up onto us and pees. Now I took her to the vet to rule out a UTI and she doesn't have one. He thinks shes just marking, but for her to just start randomly. Anyways I was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this before? Or any suggestions to get her to stop would be great.

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Maybe a Feliway diffuser would help?
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Has anyone been in contact with another cat or animal? Maybe she doesn't like a smell you're bringing in with you. It's definitely a territorial type marking. Any other cats around your house outside - spraying the house?

Can you stop her before she does it? Quickly push her away and say "NO" when she starts to aim? If that stops her from spraying you may try picking her up and carrying her to a litter box, maybe she'll figure out you don't want that on you.
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Up to 3 weeks she didn't do this? What happened 3 weeks ago? Did *anything* change? A new animal or person added to the household? How long have you had her?
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Well I have been pretty sick and I am in and out of the hospital a lot. I am not around as much to play with her. I have had her for a little over a year now. We found her outside when we moved into our old house. I havn't seen any cats outside, but that doesn't really mean anything. With all the snow we have had its hard to tell whose foot prints are whose. We havn't brought any new animals into the house but did loose one last month ( about 6 weeks ago now). I am just at a lose for what to do. She even marked the dog today, trust me that was not appreciated by him.
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Maybe you being gone and coming home smelling odd would be enough to do it. Who knows if her former owners dumped her? Poor kitty could somehow think this is the way to keep her owners - to mark everyone as her's.

I don't know if the person's been active lately, but one member dealt with their cat's spraying by making some...kitty undies.
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Welcome! That really sucks and I feel for you. Sounds like you have had a lot of stuff going on lately. Glad you are feeling better. And if you were in the hospital no telling how the cats took that, I am sure it threw off their schedule. Cats can have a lot of behavioural issues it seems from reading this site.
Are they indoor/outdoor? There might be some things going on even outside of the house that are bothering the cat to add with the things going on inside the home.

I highly suggest you look at threads where cats are peeing outside of the box, there are some very excellent suggestions and this subject comes up a lot. You can help your kitty! There are diffusers, special cat attract litter, and other things you can do to help. Having lots of litterboxes, making sure they are cleaned all the time, making them more appealing, etc. I have seen some real success stories on this site.
Good luck to you.
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Where is her litter box? Have you changed anything with regards to it? Does she urinate in the box at all?

You say she is "marking". Does this mean she is urinating very frequently but just a little at a time? I'm wondering if she is just urinating at a normal frequency but is just choosing to do it on you rather than in the box.

You say you have had her for a year, since you moved into your "old" house. Does that mean you are in a new house now? If so, when did you move?
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