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Harry is bad again...........

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I posted about Harry hurting his hind leg on wednesday. he was fine yesterday, running up and down the stairs as normal. This morning he was limping again and on closer inspection, he has a 1cm cut on his paw that now looks infected. the poor thing seems to be in a lot of pain.

I rang the vet as I had to go to work and she said he needs an antibiotic and another anti-inflammatory. I'm bringing him in at lunchtime but I had to leave him at home in pain .

We're supposed to be going away for the weekend and I don't know whether to go. My neighbour will look after him tonight and my sister said she'd come out tomorrow for the night. I don't know what to do; I feel really awful for him.
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aww... so sorry for Harry. Hopefully the vet can get him on something for the pain. I've missed many a vacation because of a sick kitty... I know, it's a hard call sometimes. If you have somebody really dependable to look after him while you're away you are lucky!
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Poor little Harry!! for his paw feeling better
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Aww I hope Harry is going to feel better Many For him!
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Feel better Harry!
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Oh Grainne...I'm soo sorry to hear about Harry. I hope he will be able to pull through fast and heal up nicely!
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Sorry to hear Harry's under the weather again. Sending lots of that it's an "easy fix".
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