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After Vet

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Hi there
A quick question about when we pick our cat up from the Vet. He has been at the Vets for 3 days now getting a crytal blockage removed. What can we expect when we get him home? Behaivoural(sp?) changes? I know we will have to watch his litter box very carefully for a while until we are sure he isn't blocked anymore. We were also wondering when it would be okay to give him a bath? He is really stinky from peeing on himself with the catheter in. We are hoping that he doesn't hate us to much but we have bought him lots of new things to welcome him home. My wife bought him a new watering thing that keeps water flowing all the time, he only seems to drink out of the faucet when we are brushing our teeth or washing up. He also has lots of new toys to keep him active.Thanks for any advice.
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I'm going to move this to our Behavior forum where it will get the attention it needs.
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Each cat responds differently to the trauma of a stay at the vet. Many cats will hide for a day or more after returning home. This is fine...don't force your cat to come out of hiding. Just let him take his time, letting him come out when he is ready. Just make sure he is still drinking and urinating.

Regarding the bath....I would ask the vet. You can also buy bath cloths that you simply rub on the cat so that you don't have to immerse him in water. This might be the safest and least traumatic thing to do.

Let us know how he is doing once he comes home.
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dtolle thanks for the move, sorry I didn't post in the right forum. lotsocats, thanks for the tip, I'll look for those wipes. I'll definitely keep you informed on Junior's status.
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