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Frisky 2/22/79

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Frisky was my first Cat I ever had as a Kid. He died from a Male Blockage. Even though its been 29 years I can not forget him. I can remember everything. It was pouring heavy rain and we had to go to school. I went in the bathroom where he was and my Mom said he just died. I ran from there and hid behind a chair because I was crying so much. It still makes me Cry.
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Rest in peace Frisky,

I think everyone remembers a special cat or dog, that was first to really bonded with. its been years since my first cat died, and i can still remember her very well.

her memory no longer upsets me, when i think of her, now it makes me smile, to remember the things she did(and she did alot)

The way i looks at it, its not really good-bye just until we meet again.
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I Cry only on days like today and bdays.
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Beloved Frisky...always in your heart.
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Aww...Rest in Peace Frisky I also had childhood cats that have passed away, I always think of them
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Awwww I'm sure Frisky still watches over you
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
The way i looks at it, its not really good-bye just until we meet again.
What a precious kitty Frisky was, to be so loved and remembered after all these years
I agree with theimp98, we will be reunited with them once again
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Thanks All,
He was a Orange Tabby. We got his brother Henry first and then went back a few days later and got Frisky. He was my Cat and Henry was my brothers Cat. They were the first Cats we ever got. My Mom got one because my Dad is Allergic and he was ok she we went back and got Frisky. I am Allergic too but will always have Cats.
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Rest In Peace Frisky

I still think about Tigger and Percy, my two childhood cats. I won't forget them

Frisky will always be in your heart
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RIP frisky!
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