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Nebraska University Bans game

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lol we played that back in college also. along with different versions of it.

Once we had paint ball fight in the middle of the school.
yea, we all got in trouble for it. But really far as know schools have always banned that. But sense its a underground game, banning is not going to work.
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Banning seems like a knee-jerk reaction but I guess you really can't blame them for not wanting them to play it considering the recent shootings. I think a good compromise would be for the students and the school to have organized paintball events but there would probably be issues with liablity and insurance. I don't know how something like that would work.
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My friends and I played that in college. I got pegged with a foam dart right after I came out of my film class.

I'm all for being sensitive, but this game has nothing to do with violence. It's more of a bonding exercise among a group of people.
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Well, being a student at UNL I guess I feel better it's banned. Lincoln now has a law that allows the carrying of concealed weapons. Perhaps the students playing this game are carrying toys, but another person on campus carrying an actual weapon may not realize it....
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Anyone remember this song (to the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic"?)

Mine eyes have seen the glory
Of the burning of the school!
We have murdered all the teachers
And have broken every rule!
We broke into the office
And set fire to the principal!
Oh Stillwater* here we come!

Glory, glory hallelujah!
Teacher hit me with a ruler!
I popped her from the attic
With a German automatic,
And she ain't gonna hit me no more!

(*I grew up in Minnesota; Stillwater is where the State penetentiary is located.)

Today, a kid singing that song would be arrested for 'making terroristic threats.'
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