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New guy saying hi!

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Hi there,
Just a quick note saying hello. I have been using this site lately to determine and researching our cat's problem. He is at the vet right now recovering from having a crystal blockage removed. He had the catheter and I.V. for 3 days and he gets to come home tommorrow! We are so happy, my Wife and I, we have been a couple of basketcases since he went in. A little bit about him, his name is Junior he is male & he is 3 years old. His Mom was run over by a car 2 weeks after she gave birth. So my Wife and her Mom raised the kittens, hand feeding them, making them go to the washroom and keeping them clean. We are really attached to him and we would be lost without him. We caught the blockage early and we hope he doesn't ever have to go through this ever again. This is a great site and I'm really happy I found it, lots of great information and from the posts that I have read there are lots of friendly and informative people here. Here are a couple of pics of Junior, sorry about the quality but they are scanned photos.

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Welcome to the site! That's a good looking cat you have.
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What a beautiful kitty! Welcome to the site, I'm so happy it has helped you find information about Junior's problem.

I hope you decide to stick around. You'll learn more about cats than you ever thought possible.
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Welcome! You must be so happy that Junior is doing well and is coming home. Harry had the same problem last September and he's been doing great on a diet of prescription dry food and wet food. If you hear of any new ways to treat cats with this problem, please let me know. It's so great to hear from others who would be "basketcases" without their furballs! It's one of the great things about thecatsite.
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Welcome to the site. I'm glad you have found the site informative and helping you in your research.

Isn't it amazing how fast an animal can take over your life?? Glad to hear Junior is coming home! It's always hard when they go to the vets and have to stay awhile.

Enjoy your time here!

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Hi, V.A.C. Welcome to you and Junior. I'm so glad all is well, and hope he stays well. I understand orange tabbies are an absolute delight! I know he must be special to you, because your family saved his life. Post often, and tell us more about your furry friend.
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Thanks You all for all the well-wishes and advice, it was greatly appreciated. Yes, it is very amazing how much they take over your life. I never thought myself as a cat person, my wife too, until we got Junior. Another great think about him is he likes to give kisses, well it's more like nursing really. He likes to suck on our upper lip (if we let him that is) It's kinda funny most people that see it think it is the sickest thing they have ever seen lol. I'll let you all know how he does when we get him home, which is in about 9 hours and counting.
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hello and welcome!

what eyes you little guy has! hope his recovery is quick and comfortable.
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Welcome to the site! I am glad that you caught Junior's problem early and hopefully he continues to get better rapidly! Hopefully you become as addicted to this site as most of us are (we can use some more testosterone on the site).
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Ooohh Junior's a good looking little guy. And I think it's sweet he gives you "kisses".
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Well we got Junior home and he was fine for a couple of hours then he went into the litterbox and started to strain to pee again. He did this about a dozen times and my Wife and I got really nervous. We took him to a 24hr emergency and they recatherized him It went in real easy with no signs of crystals or mucus. They left it and drained his bladder, they emptied more I.V. solution that was still in his bladder. They are now going to take the catheter out and give him some anti-spasmatic medication to see if that will relax his muscles enough for him to pee on his own. We will have to spend the day and watch him very closely thats okay cause it will be nice to have the little guy home again. I'll keep you posted.
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Poor little guy! Been through so much, and now just needs to hang in there a little longer.

Hang in there Junior (and fur parents!). There are better days ahead!

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Well we have had him home for the day with no luck, no pee in his litterbox. We took him to the Vet before they closed and she felt his bladder and it was really small. She said that he will be fine for the night but if he doesn't pee by the morning we have to take him in again and they will express his bladder. He has been eating, drinking some, and lots of purrs and kisses but no pee. We are hoping that his muscles are still spasming causing him to think he has to pee. He has about 4 more hours to pee or its back to the Vet for our little guy. Is this normal for a kitty that has gone through everything that he has (catheter, I.V.) not too pee right away? He hasn't been drinking that much and his abdomen isn't sensitive when we touch it. I hope the dam breaks soon so we don't have to put him through going to the vet again. Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. I will keep you posted.
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Goodness, I sure hope Junior pees soon, or already has. Poor little guy, and poor mom and dad! You must be worried sick! I don't know if it's normal or not, perhaps you could post your question in Health and Nutrition where someone who has gone through this is more likely to see it?
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valanhb, Thanks for the tip. I'll post it in the health Section. And Yes, we are worried sick, we really don't want to bring him to the vet again.
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Welcome to TCS!

Hope you get tons of advice (actually....I know you will! ) Poor little guy. I hope he pees soon........*running the water as we speak* Come on Junior....listen carefully. (ok..well, it used to work on my 4 year!)

Good luck and yes, please keep us posted. I'm keeping Junior in my thoughts. Sendind 'hang in there' thoughts to mom and dad.

Oh and....keep the pictures coming! I never get enough!

hmmmmm.....all this bathroom talk. Now I have to go!!!
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