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LOL Hilarious "lost cat" poster

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This is the funniest "lost cat" poster ever on an Australian news website:
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Wow must be a new breed.
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lmao!!! wow!!! that made me laugh out loud!! that person must be new to Australia! and thats what im looking forward to moving to
Although that "Cat" is adorable! ill claim it!
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I wonder what they will think an actual 'cat' is?
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Apparently they've never seen a cat before.
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So I know it's not a cat - is it a wallaby or something?
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I believe its a Leadbeaters Possum.. I am an Australia fan and hope to live there one day

my bad, its actually a Brush-Tailed Possum
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Strangest breed of 'cat' that I have ever seen!
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lol that was funny
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So THAT'S where my cat went!
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That was it!
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... Ohmygoodness.

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Adorable "cat"!!!
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