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Saw a dead body tonight

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Somebody collapsed in a coffee shop downtown. The coroner was there with a long unmarked black van, and they put the body on the stretcher and draped it in black. It was pretty creepy.

It was kind of a fitting ending to a weird day.
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Posison coffe perhapse?
Have you ever gone to a wake? If it's open casket you'll get to see a dead body up close.
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Well, you are kind of expecting it at funerals but not in coffee shops.
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oops, just in the wrong place at the wrong time?
the worse was a guy that cut up with a knife on the street.
(i really should have picked better friends as a kid)
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
oops, just in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Me or him, lol.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Me or him, lol.
You, i guess it was the right time for him
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Good point.

I was trying to distract our daughter. Luckily, she is pretty oblivious and didn't see anything!
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yea that would be hard. I guess if she asked, just tell her the turth.
Like with Oberon, it is a part of life?
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Yup, true. But it's freakier when it's a person and suddenly. I'd rather not deal with her dealing with it, if you know what I mean.
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Yeah, it would kinda have sucked if she saw it but, it's part of life as Imp stated.
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Originally Posted by Zenoah View Post
Posison coffe perhapse?...
I'm thinking that coffee shop is not the best place to go for a few days.
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Oh, how sad Definitely, seeing a body that's already prepared for burial is not the same as "recent".
The worst one that I've seen was when I was first on scene at a 100+mph rollover. The woman had bounced quite a distance; at the time it didn't bother me cuz her 12yo daughter had a compound fracture just above the ankle which was really bleeding badly plus a crushed face So I quickly felt for signs of life, but obviously there weren't any, and then I rushed back to the child.
Godspeed over RB, unknown person at the coffee shop - may you love kitties as much as we do, so we can tell all our TCS RB kitties to come running to greet you
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Sending calming vibes out to you, SW - it's an eerie experience, esp. the first time
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Very creepy!!! Glad your daughter didnt see this...

In October('07) during a parade a man collapsed while sitting in front of thousands of people!! Apparently he had a heart attack
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At this point in my life Ive seen so many freshly dead bodies that it doesn't really bother me too much! The last one, the kid shot his head off and his SIL found him and I knew the girl. I felt worse for the family!!

My first two (same time) got ran over by a van where I was working and I still have nightmares!! I can see the van coming, see her flying, see him trying to get to her and the whole mess. Which I can't share on here because its much too graphic!!

Im sorry you had to go through that, but at least she didn't see!! Its much harder for children to grasp the whole circle of life!
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the day before thanksgiving this year i was driving home and when i came to this bridge that i hated there sat several police officers, some road workers and the coriner(sp). it freaked me out because for like a month or so everytime we drove over this bridge we smelled something awefull, smelled like stale urine and rotten eggs. When i saw the coriner's van i started crying, i cant imagine how long this person had layed there with no one stopping to find the sorce of the smell. i cried the whole way home. i still feel guilty about not stopping.
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I feel for you I know how creepy it is.
My nextdoor neibour hung himself from the clothes line pole when I was in my last year of Highschool. I was there consoleing his mother while we waited for the coroner. And it being a very rural area it took 2 hours for him to show up. His mother just kept waleing "Cut him down" I felt soooo bad. Mom and I were the first people on the scene after his mother and grandmother. It was horrible I still feel creeped out when I am alone in the house.
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Wow, that is really creepy. Thankfully I have never seen a dead body that wasn't already at a funeral. I don't know if I could hack it. I am very sensitive to things that aren't normal for us to see.
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oh my gosh...... that would be creepy. Thank goodness your daughter didn't realize!
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