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Have you witnessed any copycats?

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Have you seen any stray or pet cats copying/learning what another cat is doing, even though before they never did that certain behavior?

I've seen this behavior with a few strays and it was really fascinating!

I had these 3 stray siblings I would as a treat give milk to in a bathroom cup. Offcourse 1 cup and 3 cats means only 1 will get the milk. So eventually I noticed when I gave the cup of milk they each would gently move the cup towards them with there paw, now everybody got a drink!

2 out of the 3 siblings are gone, but 1 still lives here.

Last year 3 new kittens were born, and at first the "milk cat" had the milk all to herself, until the younger kittens had a taste when she wasnt around, they liked it!

So next time I gave milk they waited by the cup of milk, but couldnt get any to drink. So one day when one of the kittens was drinking, the older cat came by and stole the milk with her paw close to herself so she could drink.

A few months later, and the 3 kittens are starting to grasp the concept of bringing the cup of milk to there face using there paw so they all get a drink. If they are really hungry 1 cat will knock down the cup of milk so all can lap up the spilled milk.

Pretty smart cats!
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Ashes only drinks water from a glass we keep on the bathroom counter (unfortunately she drinks from every other glass in the house too). Cujo, the kitten we adopted saw her doing this, and now HE wants to drink "only" from glasses.
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My grandmother had a cat that would stand up on his back legs and paw/knock on the front window or front door to be let in.
My father and his wife now have him, and their other cat has learned to paw/knock.
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